HKEx: Wang Longhai Shenzhen opened still need at least 3 months recently, the Hongkong Stock Exchange said the Mainland Affairs Department Assistant Vice President Wang Longhai in the sprint Shenzhen Hong Kong Special strategy jointly organized by the securities, and financial "Shun International Wilson", according to the institutional arrangements and technical aspects for the time required about in three to four months. Wang Longhai said that in 1993 domestic enterprises in Hongkong for the first time since the rapid development of IPO market, after more than 20 years, the domestic capital market has made great progress in the process of internationalization, a breakthrough has been made in the depth of the expansion and extension of the width. Especially in recent years, the RMB in the International Monetary Fund SDR basket, Shanghai and Hong Kong through the opening and Shenzhen upcoming, marked the domestic capital market has made a new breakthrough in the opening of the journey. In addition, the rapid growth of the national economy and the improvement of the accumulation of national wealth, in recent years, the demand for cross-border asset allocation of domestic investors is also growing, the two-way opening of the capital market is still great potential. In the aspect of interoperability between the two places, Wang Longhai said in the two mechanisms, the Commission regulatory cooperation, Shanghai and Hongkong stock exchange, clearing house and the two listed companies to form a complete closed loop transaction, establish effective market connection, so as to realize the cross market investment investors. At the same time, through the flow of funds through the implementation of the closed path management, to net settlement, can reduce the impact of foreign exchange, but also to maximize the safety of funds. As for the newly approved Shenzhen Tong, which covers about 880 deep shares through qualified stocks, including stocks Shenzhen Component Index and Shenzhen stock index market innovation of small and medium at least RMB 6 billion, and also listed on the Shenzhen and Hongkong A+H shares, Shenzhen gem early limited to institutional investors to participate in the professional. In addition to Shenzhen through the Hong Kong stock covers about 417 of eligible shares, based on the original Shanghai and add the market value of HK $5 billion on at least the Hang Seng Composite small stocks constituent stocks and at the same time in Hong Kong Shenzhen A+H shares listed. One thing to note, Shenzhen and Hong Kong through expanding the capacity expansion, cancel the total amount, North and south of the daily amount were 13 billion and 10 billion 500 million (Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hong Kong stocks through Hong Kong stocks through their 10 billion 500 million). As for the Shenzhen Hong Kong through the official opening time, Wang Longhai said, according to the arrangement of system and technical aspects for the time required for about three to four months. Calculate the standard so we are most concerned about the selected target market, according to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange recently announced that the preliminary proposals will index related to a recent review of the index as the basis, the concrete contents need to be approved by regulators, also please investors pay close attention to. In addition, Wang Longhai pointed out that the opening of Shanghai and Hong Kong through a big trend after the two markets out of the overall performance of the two funds, with constantly interoperability and integration, Shanghai and Shenzhen three index trend of cooperation gradually increased, but the difference still exists, visible cross-border asset allocation and diversification is very important. The stock market investment perspective, trading post, forecast, Niugu capture, as in the micro signal [[ifengstock]] or Phoenix securities after the analysis of the trend of A shares, pointing out the trend of tomorrow, please pay attention to micro signal [complex]相关的主题文章: