Hire a car for the Nvzei steal escape dig package once but two or three seconds to alert the car theft 38 Nvzei Gumou dedicated to the mall out of mobile phone or wallet, a two or three second, two in the more than and 30 months since the crime, police after investigation and arrested him. November 1st, the valley was a Dalian Public Security Bureau Shahekou branch of criminal detention. In two months, Gumou fled to Southern China, Hing, Heishijiao, Malan in places such as shopping malls or with the pickpocketing crime, her female customers in shopping malls or behind the curtain of import and export, while the customer from the mobile phone or wallet from his pocket out, there is a car she hired the car waiting, once succeeded quickly fled. One day in early October, Ms. Wu in a shopping mall, WeChat is preparing to pay, found the pocket mobile phone disappeared, immediately reported to the police. Police retrieved surveillance video store, see a middle-aged woman with Ms. Wu in the back, while her bargain with the salesman, the mobile phone taozou. Interpol police and plainclothes police team to obtain a branch of video surveillance, to study the law, finally Shandong road in their hiding place and arrested him. Gu confessed, a few months before her husband was arrested for assault, she lives without the landing began to flee to the mall pickpocketing crime, in order to prevent the owner or plainclothes through tracking, she hired specifically to wait in the car outside the mall, then quickly fled. The police will be the car driver and receiver is arrested.相关的主题文章: