High speed traffic police grab "a scavenging old man sent home (Figure) – Beijing police send love rescue police promptly advised the elderly home safely from picking up old Yunnan network during the Mid Autumn Festival holiday, the vehicle speed on the highway, a sixty picking up the elderly but regardless of personal safety, picking up on the Chuda highway, fortunately Dali Traffic Police Detachment patrol police brigade Chuda timely detection, timely elimination of traffic accidents. In that the elderly because of family difficulties and go out to pick up the rubbish to make a living, the police have generously for the elderly donations, and the elderly security escort home. 17 morning 11 am, Chuda Highway Traffic Police Brigade police to carry out daily patrol work in the area of highway patrol to Dali to Kunming direction K112+300M sections found empty bottles of a man at the side of the highway on the pick up on the road, hit at any time may be on the way of high-speed vehicles, the situation is very critical. Patrol police immediately the police car parked on the hard shoulder, two pronged to carry out rescue work quickly, while the police of the rear car slow, while in charge of identify the timing of the elderly moved to safe areas. The police have patience about risk of pedestrians on the highway for the elderly, not only easy to drive vehicle collision, will bring security risks to others, and the education of the elderly not because of picking up a empty bottles and traffic accidents. Upon inquiry, that the elderly Zhu Xiangyun Hongtupo toll station near the village, because of family difficulties, more than and 60 years old still need to go out to pick up trash for a living. The police have been generous donations to the elderly, and the elderly will be escorted by police to the home, to take care of their families. Police remind the public, when driving at high speed must obey the traffic rules, don’t throw rubbish into the window, at the same time the danger to other vehicles, the road on both sides of the garbage, and even attracted to scavengers, adventure come here to pick up plastic bottles, cans, causing traffic accidents. Reporter Yang Zhihui photography, Qin Yuelong, Wang Qian相关的主题文章: