"Hidden heroes" mobbish start in October   Zhang Zhiliang film start — people.com.cn Entertainment Channel – people.com.cn recently online exposure of a group of film director Zhang Zhiliang is reportedly the concept map, causing the industry and the attention of fans, fans of "talk" speculation this exactly what movie is. In addition to the obvious risks, action elements, many fans speculated and fantasy, highway and other elements, and even fans open the brain hole conjecture is occurred in the exotic tomb story. The day before, confirmed from the product side, this group is part of the scene design concept map of the famous director Zhang Zhiliang film, the effort of more than two years of preparation for the film called "hidden mobbish heroes", is scheduled to start in October, will be the action adventure movie "different", no matter from the scene, or other action design, visual effects, are different from the traditional action movie. The official release of seven pieces of concept map, in addition to five had been exposed to the two picture from new point of view, both the exotic grand atmosphere of the city, and tense rapids chasing, really quite a fantasy, glaciers, valleys and vigorous landscape reminiscent of "the last Morgan warrior", "Apocalypse", "wilderness Hunter" name card etc.. (Zou Jing, Jiang Bo: commissioning editor) it is reported that, in order to pursue the "different" in creative and production, the second half of 2014 the art group has field survey of the scene, the film scene design, data collection, travel up to more than 6 thousand kilometers, almost all over the country and the southwest China Nepal and India border. The effects of the scene will be more than more than 1 thousand and 300, Zhang Zhiliang once again teamed up to award for artistic director Ye Jintian Dong Wei, director of photography, action director Lin Guohua and other top creative. According to incomplete statistics, the whole team won the award "awards, accumulated more than 30 awards, including the Oscar Award nomination, and is more than 60 times. Many fans of the camera scheduling more cinematographer Lin Guohua cooperation with Zhang Zhiliang’s classic film "cage people" in esteem, whether the impressive "long shot" will appear in the film? Action director Dong Wei cooperation with Zhang Zhi Liang of "Mexican attack" is a rare combination of entertainment and cultural large costumes, and how this in the film to break the traditional design action one by one? And the art director Ye Jintian had let the world audience appreciate highly aesthetic implication of the "new Orientalism", this is his return to the costume again, the unique space will provide what material to its design? The film side, believe that this is not the same topic, creativity will inspire the Chinese film’s most outstanding creative who. The hero of the "hidden" mobbish since the beginning of Construction Group has lasted for half a year, more effective design for huge scene building and costume design and other preparatory work, at the same time, together with the creative director Zhang Zhiliang repeated selection of a star, as its title suggests, the film tells the story of a group of small figures in a particular historical period of time thrilling "Royale", many characters, the complex relationship between the characters, on the other hand, the director also plays a role in precision hope can give a rich texture).相关的主题文章: