The territory of Henan to steal back the toxic waste three home provinces company was sued – Beijing – reporter Duan Weiduo correspondent Li Zhigang | MachineryAbstract yesterday at 4 pm, Luoyang City Intermediate People’s court held a press conference in Henan, announced first by the local public organizations filed environmental public interest litigation: the social responsibility of enterprises in Henan province to promote the center of dumping of hazardous waste to our province illegal transshipment in Guizhou province Xin Copper mercury industry, brought to the Luoyang intermediate people’s Court of environmental civil public interest litigation, the case is China’s first inter provincial solid waste involved in environmental public interest litigation cases. More than 70 tons of hazardous waste [case] illegal dumping of Henan in June 17th, Mao Yanqiang, fan et al driving two cars ordinary forestry truck from Inner Mongolia Yidong group Dongxing chemical limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as Dongxing chemical) loaded more than 70 tons of waste mercuric chloride catalyst, the destination is supposed to be in Guizhou city in Tongren province Xin Copper industry limited company (hereinafter referred to as mercury Xin Copper mercury industry). The disposal of such items, the need for qualified specialized chemical enterprises, at present, the country has a qualification of 6 companies, copper and mercury industry is one of them. However, after the arrival of the two cars in Henan, but was divided into the following two batches, one of which was transported to Xuchang, Changge was cut off by the investigation team, the other is illegal transfer, dumping in the territory of Luoyang County, Luoning. Mercury catalyst is an easy poisoning of hazardous waste, has obvious potential harm to the surrounding environment in which harmful substances deposited, mercury in high temperature volatile, easy to cause the soil water infiltration, once the danger and damage to the environment will be difficult to restore, and may cause certain harm to human body. This batch of illegal dumping within the territory of the Henan mercury catalyst, soon to be reported to the environmental protection department of Henan province. Luoyang municipal environmental protection department immediately to originwater company hospital, about 39 tons of goods for inspection of the scene, and through the door, nursing room. Henan provincial environmental protection department will report the Ministry of environmental protection, the coordination of the Guizhou provincial environmental protection department requested to deal with. In July 27th, the environmental protection department held a coordination meeting in Henan provinces, because did not have the qualifications of the processing and transport unit, confirmed by the Guizhou provincial environmental protection office to urge the recycling enterprises of copper industry contact with Xin mercury hazardous waste transport vehicles qualified, will be hazardous waste disposal. [action] toxic waste is transported from the public interest litigation, "continued responsibility through various efforts, August 20th at 12:30, the loading of mercury copper Xin Industry illegal dumping in Luoning originwater company hospital waste, the 21 day at 2:20 in the afternoon, the vehicle carries the shipment of waste, leaving Henan at 9:30 at night. The other one is in Xuchang to intercept vehicles, 39.5 tons of hazardous waste before loading have been shipped to Guizhou, some have been involved in Changge City Public Security Bureau of criminal detention. At this point, caused a great disturbance in the territory of Henan "steal down mercury" incident to an end. However, the toxic waste left, but things have not finished, behind a series of judicial proceedings in the quiet, held the legal responsibility for the destruction of the environment. In early August 19th, the social responsibility of enterprises in Henan province Promotion Center (hereinafter referred to as the Dongxing Chemical Industry Promotion Center), copper industry, Hebei province Xin mercury Baoding city transport hazardous chemicals)相关的主题文章: