Hebei obstetrics and gynecology doctors claimed to well intentioned people to buy children the Great Wall network October 30th news (reporter Ning Xiaoxue Li Quan Han Yi Han Yazhao) October 30th, reporters from the Guang Ping County of Handan City People’s Procuratorate, October 26th, Guang Ping County of Handan city procuratorate on suspicion of the crime of trafficking in children for Yang prosecution. Yang is a doctor of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Guangping County Township, due to ignorance of the law, for "good", introduce others to buy a child, do not want to have violated the law. It is understood that, by a friend, an acquaintance found as obstetrician Yang, said her daughter-in-law can not bear, want to adopt a child, let yang to inquire about. Yang looked at the poor, immediately agreed. The day after, Yang in the delivery time, learned a foreign girl in Guangping work, have a child does not want, how much money he asked the girl to sell girl, asking price 30 thousand yuan. Yang told the news to her acquaintances, after the child was born, Yang acquaintance money to the girl, take the child away. Subsequently, the public security organs will be arrested Yang, Yang confessed to the facts of his crime.

河北一妇产科医生介绍别人买孩子 自称出于好心   长城网10月30日讯(记者 宁晓雪 李全 韩毅 韩亚召)10月30日,记者从邯郸市广平县人民检察院获悉,10月26日,邯郸市广平县检察院以涉嫌拐卖儿童罪对杨某提起公诉。杨某是广平县乡镇卫生院的一名妇产科医生,由于不懂法,出于“好心”,介绍别人买孩子,不想竟然触犯了法律。   据了解,经朋友介绍,一熟人找到身为妇产科医生的杨某,说她的儿媳妇不能生育,想抱养一个孩子,让杨某帮其打听。杨某看对方可怜,随即应允。   日后,杨某在接生的时候,了解到一个外地女孩在广平打工,有了孩子不想要,就问这个女孩多少钱能卖,女孩要价3万元。杨某将消息通知了她的熟人,等孩子生下来后,杨某的熟人将钱交给女孩,抱走了孩子。   随后,公安机关将杨某抓获归案,杨某对其犯罪事实供认不讳。相关的主题文章: