Hebei Laishui green rudder modern agricultural park tourism conference to enter Beijing market — tourism channel Hebei Provincial Department of agriculture in September 19th will be held in Laishui, Tianjin first vegetable production and marketing docking in Hebei province for the first meeting, the conference of tourism warm field. Laishui green helm provincial modern agricultural park will be the main points of this vegetable production and marketing docking will be. Since July this year, Laishui green rudder modern agricultural park on the construction of the construction of the project, and strive to create a copy can be extended, can be promoted, can be led, the spread of modern agricultural vegetable Expo park. The new two building intelligent greenhouse covers an area of 11400 square meters, the core equipment are imported from Holland and Israel, the application of glass greenhouse computer control system, carbon dioxide supply air system, water treatment system, drip irrigation system, the arrow automation system and improve the plant growth of plant protection scheme of modern science and technology. 9 Green Port tunnel and vegetable exhibition halls introducing new, extraordinary and special and excellent varieties of vegetables, soilless cultivation mode with Holland cocopeat, prominent high-end facilities, high-end equipment, high-end technology, high-end seeds, high-end products, saving water, saving fertilizer, labor saving, high yield, income effect. At present, Laishui green rudder bear project is nearing completion, built in Holland greenhouse planting mode of two high-end vegetable cultivation in solar greenhouse, greenhouse of Jiangsu green construction and building 9 port mode dual insulation shed has been built, and entered the stage of seedling transplanting. Laishui green rudder provincial modern agricultural park was founded in 2012, the planning area of 12 thousand acres. There are 557 greenhouses in the park, the cold shed is the 393, conjoined greenhouse and nursery greenhouse of 20 thousand square meters. Build ecological farms, ecological pickles factory and food factory, animal feed factory, agricultural industrialization, farm ecological attractions, amusement park restaurant and hotel, is a set of agricultural planting, livestock breeding, processing and marketing of agricultural products, agricultural tourism and leisure in one of the modern agricultural industrial park. According to the Hebei Laishui green park official Yan Shugang rudder, the construction of modern agricultural park green vegetables rudder has completed 95% of the total, is expected to complete the work of transplanting seedlings before September 5th. Then, the 20 series of more than and 100 varieties of vegetables and the famous brand will bring a new experience for tourists. Click here to watch the video of the best tourist information > China; > (commissioning editor: Zhao Yuanyuan (Intern), even pure)相关的主题文章: