Hearthstone skin story behind the high elves Aolei Ranger Leah Sina hearthstone area Aolei Leah · windwalker, High Elf Ranger Lord, once in Quill Salas led the elf Rangers from heroic fight father Oman Amani trolls. In the second Orc war, the high elves as a member of the alliance also participated in the attack against the orcs. Heishishan battle, the alliance defeated in one fell swoop Orgrim led the tribe army, and succeeded in destroying the dark portal. After his re opened the dark portal, in order to deal with the new threat, the Delano coalition expeditionary force, through the dark portal blocking tribal reinforcements. In destroying the dark portal again, hurriedly opened the portal to nazul all the world attempted to escape, the world of Draenor has been reduced to fragments finally overwhelmed, exploded, Aolei Leah also in the blast in the missing………. The rise of the high elves, the descendants of the upper elves of the dark ages. Ten thousand years ago, the destruction of the ancient war was caused by the use of magic by the elves. The archdruid Malfurion led the night elves and Kalimdor’s many races together to repel the invasion of the Burning Legion, and promote a druid in night elf society. The Highborne cannot bear to lose the magic source of extreme emptiness and bring their sense that Frank irritable leader Das Lema began to denounce the Druid, said they dare not use magic as a coward. Mar Farrior and the Druids of Das Lema’s provocative laugh, and warned the Highborne, any use of magic would be punishable by death. Arrogant Dath’Remar and his followers to cast a terrible storm of magic of Ashenvale, attempted to force the Druid abolished on the prohibition of the use of magic law. Dath’Remar Sunstrider is · the Highborne family descendants, his ancestors were royal valet. The night elves worship Luna, "day by day" this name is relatively rare, the choice of the name Dath’Remar ancestors, is to explore the unknown, to express their own expectations, the pursuit of achievement and breakthrough bold style recognition. Like his predecessors, Das Lema proudly inherited these qualities. "World of Warcraft" – chronicles the Druids unable to number of so many compatriots under the pain killer, decided to exile these reckless highborne. Das Lema and his followers were glad to get rid of their fellow citizens who had been on a special ship and headed for the sea. Finally, the Highborne across the endless sea to the East, which is later called the northern lordaeron. In the north, the nodes of abundance, Dath’Remar use a bottle from the eternal well wells created their new source of Magic – the sun well. Since then, the elves have abandoned their worship of the ancient tradition of the moon, in order to gain power through the sun. Slowly, the Highborne with a new name for people familiar with: the high elves. In possession of the amazing.相关的主题文章: