Hearthstone party portal play   this week — people.com.cn scuffle skills Raiders game original title: hearthstone legend party portal game this week melee skills hearthstone Raiders this week is all party portal, where the band is at a special performance, and to invite you as a guest to debut! With a variety of transmission doors to summon followers, the performance of the atmosphere to an unprecedented climax! Here to introduce the game. This week all without card group, both characters are Maddie Wen (opening crow flying). When opening, the game player on the field with a Maddie watt band — Susie? The wind, Wanda? Wonderful shoes, Mark Walker two month?. Three members of the band are the same effect, so its portal mana cost reduction, but the original name and different. The three members of the band are not followers, can not be added to the buff, can not attack or be attacked, but will take up a post pit. While the card group both sides by the composition of every kind of Portal — no stable transmission gate, large vortex portal, Silvermoon, portal portal to Ironforge, moonlight forest door, the fire portal, as well as a special party portal. The party portal can summon four followers, namely: Romeo: $34, at the end of your turn, for your hero to restore the value of 5 points of life. Little Red Riding Hood: 5 fee 32, taunt. Language: in this turn, the enemy cannot attack. Party element: summons three charges of 22 and has a taunt of 3. Joker: 3 fee 36 taunt. Melee skills because both sides have not checked, and the portal is call attendant, as long as the basic occupied scene, unless the opponent unstable portal out of big brother, or are difficult to turn. Because only a large vortex portal AOE, damage is still very low, with no way with high health field. Early left behind the door of the big eddy transmission to the opponent shop shop, the middle of the night with a big ass entourage after eating a small entourage with the moonlight to send back the door full of blood, will be able to roll snowball. Of course, this thing, you know, the most important thing is to look at the face. (commissioning editor Shen Guangqian and Bi Lei)相关的主题文章: