Arts-and-Entertainment San Francisco is city located in the Bay area of California. San Francisco is a city with a diverse population and things to do san francisco are too numerous to mention. It has remarkable landscape with its stunning hotels and family ac.modations. things to do san francisco are plentiful, there is the Museum of Art and mountains to climb and wine to taste. Fancy restaurants such as Fishermans Wharf should not be missed. San Francisco has many attractions and is one of the most popular destinations for travelers. With a wide variety of things to do San Francisco you can go from sun up to sun down and not see it all. In San Francisco you can see the Golden Gate Bridge, visit the kids Sunnyvale zoo and the Napa Valley Winery. Catch a day in the park and enjoy all the family fun. The Golden Gate Bridge is what first visitors to this place, a landmark that in known around the world. Located in the Bay Area the bridge was .pleted in 1937 and cost 27 million dollars, it is 8,981 feet in length and spans 4,200 feet. It towers high and visitors .e to this city just to see it. You don’t need to wonder what there is to do in this city, but it will be the best vacation ever. More things to do San Francisco are Hot Air Balloon Rides, and the San Francisco Bay has shops and eats to satisfy any appetite. Also, don’t miss Chinatown. It has very large neighborhoods and a population of one hundred thousand people. This fact alone makes this place an attraction for many tourists. These fun activities are just a few things to do san francisco. Even though there is a lot to see and many things to do san francisco there are also a lot of swindlers out there, so be careful and watch the money pit that befalls every tourist attraction. Some say that Alcatraz prison is a big attractions and worth the price to pay to see it. things to do san francisco might not be to see a prison, but the fact that this one is surrounded by water is what makes it so appealing. The history behind this earlier federal prison is what makes it so attractive and who escaped from it and how makes the 1 million visitors keep .ing back for more. The prison tour will enlighten even the most uninterested tourist. Thinking about things to do san francisco will keep you up at night, but it will not take long to figure something out. If your run out of things to do san francisco hop on a cable car until you make up your mind. The many miles the cable car system has can take you from one end the city to the other. These nostalgic cars run through San Francisco and pass by many interesting sites within the city. San Francisco offers so many activities for people of all ages. The reviews of the city are ones that will make you want to visit and you’ll find out it is the perfect place to vacation. It is a blend of history and present day modernizations that make all the things to do san francisco an experience that you won’t want to miss. 5ec5d5b657eb959a365e73785b968898 About the Author: 相关的主题文章: