Haikou lake, the most is in the first [eleven] reunion Specials – Sohu "travel all of the world meet, is because the fate met after being apart a long time, the connection between, so is the reunion, I do not know who said this sentence is, no matter who always say, I only know this is me want to say now. With the Haikou meeting, the reunion is first, and Guanlanhu encounter, most is at once again. Meilan Airport Landing, who lost northern autumn cold, warm sunshine as the four seasons in Haikou. A greeting, a smile, a reunion, a better life. A golf course view you into the most The brightness dazzles the eyes. resort, look at feel comfortable, leisurely, more looked, second eyes will make you feel like the familiar kind, abnormal feeling, let you know how close the trance was like you. Mission Hills has been due to the concept of operations, but also can be said to be its style, its growth and development has been accompanied and coveted star. Resort has strong star resources, can invite domestic and foreign global superstar here, there are many conventional celebrity activities, such as the biggest names gathered in the all star game, usually in addition also often have a variety of activities. In the chat and Haikou local friends, the first impression is the star studded tall. He said in the star event, some domestic stars have to fight here, some international events like walking the red carpet. Hotel Front Gate scene is not difficult to see the mission hills and there is a close relationship between the star wall best if you go into the mission hills, on the body to a strange kind of temperament, so that time is to put it as a familiar friend. As one of the best friends around, excellent but friendly. Stand in the best height, and with the best people, generating an excellent gas field, there is no doubt that more and more excellent vision and courage. The golf course in the world has more than 50 thousand mountain golf club, golf 2 thousand, Seaview Golf 1 thousand, volcano golf only 25. In the Haikou lake has a massive volcano rock group the world’s only golf course. There are five continents together style 168 hot springs hot and cold pool, SPA spa, outdoor water theme park. These are second to none in the country. Asian Hot Springs tribe tribes in Africa the most versatile and the first time you Guanlanhu old friends, not enchanting appearance, gorgeous beauty is beautiful, not only is the Dragon proficiency in a particular line, people all rounder. Sometimes see it laughing, open it and look hhrrc deep silence, diamond show as gorgeous flowers. Little surprise, everywhere accident. Feng Xiaogang film commune, a street at Feng Xiaogang street and another movie commune in the infirmary entertainment leisure resort, then came to the Feng Xiaogang movie commune, will let you through time and space, the inner world of endless reverie. Movie commune consists of 1942 street, the old street, nanyang!相关的主题文章: