Haikou Silver Plaza area is the "sky garden" of urban management departments involved in the residential building roof of the "sky gardens" Washington "residents of this district building is very beautiful, there are trees and flowers, who built the gardens? Do not know whether there is a legitimate construction procedures." Yesterday, who lives near the Haikou West Road, Jinmao Liu call the newspaper news hotline reflect Jinmao Plaza No. 11 West gold district in a residential building on the roof of a large "sky garden", in contrast to other surrounding buildings, it is particularly striking, but do not know whether there is a legitimate construction procedures. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter went to the scene to find out exactly what. Reporter Su Zhongwen single party map, according to Liu introduced, the original residential area of gold and silver square, only 18 floors, the highest can only take the elevator up to the eighteenth floor. The roof but do not know what time out of a half story building, but also full of trees and flowers, although very good, but do not know whether there is a legitimate construction procedures. Yesterday, according to the information provided by Liu, the reporters came to a high-rise Jinmao Road near the roof, looking ahead, the number of high-rise buildings, see the roof of a building and plaza area with trees around, and dotted with red, very beautiful. Subsequently, the reporters came to the gold and Silver Plaza area, into the area on the right side of the first residential buildings, take the elevator to the 18 floor, the stairs to the 19 floor to see, several small rooms are many trees and flowers around, written on the wall "Machine Room, trespassers". Unable to enter because the Gates locked, and journalists continue to climb the stairs to the 19 floor, on the roof to see, the top half of the area to build a house, the door locked, the other half is empty, the ground threw debris.相关的主题文章: