"Guanzhu cup amateur golf championship challenge tournament preliminaries finished second round Redubujian, continue to fight in September 21st 2016," Guanzhu cup amateur golf champion challenge and Southern China area ranking Redubujian, war continued. Today, the next stage is a list of events: Foshan United golf, Shenzhen Xiaoxiang golf team, Wuji team and the South China Sea Golf Club, Xiqiao Youth Chamber of Commerce Hill team, Huashan mountain, Jiangxi business team and help the team. Foshan, Shenzhen Xiaoxiang United golf golf team, no team won the pole group winners respectively. Today it is particularly worth mentioning is that the Xiqiao mountain team of Tao Yeguang and the city of Shenzhen Xiaoxiang golf team Liu Yongjun two have played a personal 76 bar of good results. Tao Yeguang said that he is to take part in the game, because he has always been very concerned about the support of Guanzhu brand competition, think this is an excellent amateur golfers to communicate with each other, learn platform. He modestly said: "although the play performance is also good, but in the master clouds in the game, with the other team’s master ratio or not necessarily better than the." Huashan mountain captain Jiang Gui said that this session of the Guanzhu cup amateur golf champion challenge is a major event in Foshan, also a large gathering in the Pearl River Delta golf industry, in order to participate in this competition, formed a temporary "Huashan mountain team". But this name is very interesting, a martial arts association, aspirations arena. The captain in Chiang’s organization, "Huashan mountain team" this one game and both teams face value. "We are a team of the highest value of Yan, to feel the atmosphere, enjoy the wonderful moments of golf." Huashan lunjian team Xie Xia said. But there is a team of Huashan mountain tennis ball friend like Huang Xiaoming ridicule Lv You, both handsome and beautiful, it is indeed a team of the highest value ". The afternoon’s game is very interesting, the teams with an eagle exhaust all the skills to catch the bird. 2016 "Guanzhu cup amateur golf champion challenge and Southern China regional ranking tournament preliminaries and one day schedule, September 23rd preliminary round will be completed, and will release all the semi-final team. Please pay attention!相关的主题文章: