Guangxi Nanning court sentenced the first refusal to perform crimes of private prosecution case defendants jailed for 1 years – Beijing Xinhua News (reporter Lu Xianting) November 14th Nanning Jiangnan District of Nanning City People’s Court of the Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region on the 14 day of the first local refused to implement the decision, ruled that the crime of private prosecution case verdict, the defendant Moumou for committing the crime of refusing enforcement by sentenced to 1 years in prison, this is the first "crime of refusing to execute" Nanning city court sentenced the private prosecution. Enforcees Moumou, Lumou couple with the application executor Lee classmates and fellow, because two people do the clothing business capital flow difficulties to Lee borrowing, but failed to timely repayment. Lee put the two couples to the court, the two sides reached a settlement agreement in the stage of the proceedings has been scheduled for January 24, 2016 and February 24th, two to pay off all debts. However, due to Moumou and Lumou failed to fulfill the obligations in accordance with the time to determine the mediation book, apply for the implementation of the Lee will apply to the Southern District People’s court enforcement. After the court filing, the husband and wife two people refused to report the property, had been under judicial detention, but after the detention is still not fulfilled. Executive judge repeatedly to Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other places to find, did not find the property of two people. This year’s may day, Moumou and Lumou from Guangzhou to take a plane back to Nanning, the court made a quick response, the airport will be intercepted by the two, and according to the law of the jurisdiction of the detention of 15 people on the two day. During the judicial detention, the two attempt to continue to conceal property, in the implementation of the judges do a lot of ideological work, the two reported some property. According to a survey conducted by the court Moumou provide the clues of the property, initially verified two couples in the West Nanning Road, a warehouse in the value of millions of clothing inventory, and in a court filing execution, there is a huge amount of capital flows is still two of the bank account, but refused to fulfil the obligations determined in effective legal documents. For the implementation of Lee and Li Moumou to Lumou in violation of high consumption, have the ability to perform and refused to fulfill the court mediation on the grounds that the criminal private prosecution to Jiangnan District People’s court. The court held that the debtor Moumou refused to report a false report, property, the court to take coercive measures after the detention still refused to implement, has violated the crime of refusing enforcement of judgments, then made 1 years imprisonment verdict on the. It is understood that this year received a total of Jiangnan District People’s Court refused to implement the decision, ruled that the crime of private prosecution case 3, in this case the defendant was sentenced to real punishment, the other two by the defendant during the proceedings and automatically perform the prosecutor dropped to understanding the way closed.相关的主题文章: