Google Earth VR HTC Vive version was added, but the effect of superior collocation dizzy – Sohu [Technews] technology science news version of Google Earth has been on the shelves in the Steam online store, to provide a large number of VR content of the new version, HTC Vive collocation use this application software, the user account can be traveled all over the world, but some said after user experience, Google Earth version of VR brings immersive experience, but when you play more than 20 minutes of dizziness. Google Earth VR version shows a series of tours, no outdoor users can through the VR game of many famous attractions, including the Grand Canyon, Manhattan skyline, Amazon, there have been dozens of destination choice. This software can be downloaded free of charge, HTC Vive collocation use, after starting the program will see an introduction to film, let the user know all operations in the program, but also provides many attractions of the city and the preview, about 2 minutes after the journey from the whole earth, users click on the controller at any point on earth and amplification, to choose their own love of the landscape ornamental, projected image about like a movie screen size. Google Earth VR edition provides worldwide content, allowing users to stay at home can visit the whole world, but did not solve the old problems in the process of using VR? Dizziness, use 20 minutes after the user will feel uncomfortable, if a short period of time using the Google Earth will be a high quality VR program. For more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News相关的主题文章: