GF, CITIC and other projects in the trial of more than 40 IPO this is the amount of 4 years! This article first appeared in the WeChat public number: China brokerage, author: Zhang gladly data for this year, regulators in the average monthly rate of two, issued a total of 15 IPO approval, approved 149 companies starting applications, to raise funds more than 100 billion. Among them, CITIC, CITIC Securities (600030), GF Securities (000776), Shun securities, China Merchants Securities (600999) by the largest number of projects, accounting for 1/3 of the total. There is no doubt that the top 5 brokerage firms will get a lot of money on the IPO project. For the top 5 firms in the project reserves, industry sources said the evaluation, this year with approval of the top 5 firms compared to, that every issue at a rate of 10, "the project reserves the top 5 firms, each holding 4 years of stock issuance!" GF Securities topped the list of 61 projects, of course, in addition to these have got the results of the hand, but also depends on its IPO project reserves, whether it can provide long-term performance support for the brokerage investment bank. According to the reporter Chinese Brokerage Commission released the latest IPO in the project of statistics, as of September 22nd, 23 brokerage IPO in the trial of more than 10 projects in (Note: mentioned in each brokerage IPO in the examination of the number of projects, are not included in the Project Co sponsor IPO), only 6 are listed brokerage. In general, the IPO listed brokerage investment bank reserves the largest projects, small and medium-sized firms have individual changes, but overall is still too little. The Commission’s latest public data show that as of September 22, 2016, the number of IPO in the project instance is 780 (only statistical audit status has passed the trial will be, has been accepted, has feedback and pre disclosure update has been reported to the 353), the motherboard, 144 small plates, the gem 283. The 780 IPO in the trial project, there are 91 have passed the trial will be. And they are away from the market recently, just quietly waiting for approval issued under. China Securities reporter statistics found that 780 listed companies to be listed in the trial of the majority of the sponsor brokerage. Among them, the most IPO in the GF Securities reserve project, the Shanghai Stock Exchange 24, the Shenzhen SME board 9, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange gem 28, a total of 61. Followed by CITIC Securities, a total of 52 sponsors of the enterprise, and Guoxin Securities () to 46 IPO reserves, ranking in the top third. 3 brokerage share of more than 20%. In addition, Haitong Securities (600837) and the State Securities (600109) by IPO in the number of projects is also more than 40. IPO in the number of projects and underwriting in fifth to eleventh of the brokerage, respectively, China Merchants Securities, CITIC Securities, Shen Wanhongyuan (000166), securities underwriting sponsor, Huatai, Minsheng securities, CICC, Societe Generale Securities (601377), Guotai Junan, Thailand securities, the brokerage reserves in the IPO trial the number of projects is more than 20. Data figure 28 to shun securities;相关的主题文章: