Dental-Care An introduction to Dental Implants: Among all the dental problems, .plications related to dental implants are heard very rarely. As a fast introduction of the term, dental implant is an artificial anchor that is given to a missing tooth. During the procedure, dental experts fix the root portion of the tooth with a small titanium screw to perfection as well as strongly replace the missing natural tooth. This procedure helps in giving the mouth its appropriate shape. A dental implant can be performed over both the upper as well as lower jaw. Causes of Dental Implant A patient who has a missing tooth caused from any injury or infection or bacteria can undergo dental implant procedures. Expert prior implanting the screw, check up the mouth and the amount of bone that is left in the root portion of the tooth. Are Dental Implants a Perfect Solution? Experts say yes but in some rare cases, .plications like implant fracture, no building up of bone around the implant etc., could arise with these fixtures. Solution: If you are looking forward to get your Dental Implants in San Fernando Valley, the one renowned dental clinic is Northridge Dental Works, which serves with a very professional and highly skilled team of dental experts. On one side where dental implant .plications occur very rarely there is another treatment called Root Canal Therapy, which is very .monly performed in the dental industry. Any decay or infection if are not cured timely, they can spread to the nerves of the tooth, which is treated by Root Canal Therapy. In this procedure, experts first remove the infection from the affected tooth and then fill the empty space with special medicated dental materials. With the help of this filling, the tooth is restored and with time, it starts functioning properly again. Root canal is one easy treatment to pull out the infection of the mouth and give the mouth another healthy chance to smile. Symptoms: There are several symptoms that can point to the need of getting a root canal done. These include sensitivity of teeth against hot and cold, severe toothache, pimple on the gums, and swelling. Suggestions: Try to follow the aftercare instructions properly. They will heal your tooth fast. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: