Get rid of the daily management of artillery regiment "tuzhengce" replacement officers incentive wage – Sohu News reporter Xie Xueyi, correspondent students Zhao Bin reported: "I certainly do not live up to the Party committee of our trust!" 1 29 April, Xinjiang Military artillery regiment three sergeant Wang Hai, holding with the 2 month salary reissue 2015 annual awards wages, said excitedly. It is understood that the group financial shares of the replacement of 18 people reward wages. Colonel Hu Ming said, this is the army strictly adhere to the law, to get rid of the daily management of the "local policies, the interests of officers and soldiers in a microcosm of the first. After the new year’s day, military affairs staff shares Jiang cross to the three Dundian, inadvertently heard that even in the chat when sergeant Wang Hai whispered: "last year in vain, no bonus". The inquiry found that, in the first half of last year, Wang Hai issued smart phone use management notice before the superiors, unauthorized use of smart phones, the company was punished. According to the relevant provisions of the regiment, when officers punished the year-end salary bonus cancelled. Do you cancel the reward salary after being warned? Jiang Heng feel some strange matter, immediately find relevant information in the implementation of the "officers and noncommissioned officers, civilian cadres incentive wage system measures", "find out about those affected by administrative demerit or Party (Group) more serious warning officers and non commissioned officers, do not enjoy the provisions of incentive wages", and the warning is not one of them. Mr. Jiang looks for the cadres of the company, and Wang Hai has good performance in other aspects. The annual comprehensive evaluation is competent, and according to the regulations, the reward salary should be enjoyed. Jiang Heng immediately reported the matter to the superior. Although the reward salary is not much, it involves the vital interests of the officers and men." Group leaders about the incident, the investigation team set up immediately to check illegal withholding of wages reward does not comply with the provisions of the phenomenon. Originally, in order to strengthen the safety management, many companies linked to family members, reward wages and other personal performance linked. Once there is a problem, these rights should not be enjoyed. The problem of forced rectification, the regiment immediately organized officers to seriously study and understand the important instructions of the President Xi army strictly spirit. They get rid of the problem that Tanjia "do not let the family to team" and 8 "local policies, for the soldiers to the corresponding replacement salary bonus, properly handle sensitive issues involving the interests of officers and soldiers.

高炮团破除日常管理“土政策” 补发官兵奖励工资-搜狐新闻  本报讯 谢学毅、函授学员赵彬报道:“我一定不辜负团党委对我们的信任!”1月29日,新疆军区某高炮团三连中士王海,拿着随2月份工资补发的2015年度奖励工资,激动地说道。据了解,该团财务股共补发了18人的奖励工资。团长胡明介绍说,这是该团坚持依法治军、从严治军,破除日常管理中的“土政策”,把官兵利益放在首位的一个缩影。   元旦过后,军务股参谋江横到三连蹲点,无意间听到该连中士王海在聊天时嘀咕:“去年一年白干了,奖励工资没了”。经询问得知,去年上半年,王海在上级下发《智能手机使用管理通知》之前,违规私自使用智能手机,被连队处以警告处分。根据团里相关“规定”,当年受到处分的官兵,年终奖励工资取消。   受到警告处分就取消奖励工资吗?江横觉得此事有些蹊跷,随即查找相关资料,在《军官、文职干部和士官奖励工资制度实施办法》中,找到关于“当年受行政记过或党(团)内严重警告以上处分的干部和士官,不享受奖励工资”的规定,而警告处分不在其中。江横找连队干部了解,王海其他方面表现都较好,年度综合考评为称职,按照规定,应该享受奖励工资。江横立即将此事向上级汇报。   “奖励工资虽然不多,却涉及官兵的切身利益。”团领导得知此事后,立即成立调查小组,对违规扣发奖励工资等不符合规定的现象进行核查。原来,为加强安全管理,不少营连把家属来队、奖励工资等与个人表现挂钩。一旦出了问题,这些应有的权利都无法享受。问题倒逼整改,该团随即组织官兵认真学习领会习主席关于依法治军从严治军的重要指示精神。他们破除了“出问题不让探家”“干不好不让家属来队”等8条“土政策”,为官兵补发相应的奖励工资,正确处理涉及官兵利益的敏感问题。相关的主题文章: