Gary left RM. Song Ji Hyo tears collapse that will go out of Gary "RM" Song Ji Hyo tears collapse Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, "Running Man" fixed team Gary announced on the day before shock exit, leave record 7 years of the program, let other members is expressed dismay. The program aired his last episode on the 6, the 6 members kept secret letters sent to him, Song Ji Hyo tears confession: always thought that we would go together, did not think you want to leave." "Running Man" broadcast on 6 Gary officially quit the special edition, 6 members after recording, secretly hide the letters and gifts, he picked up Lee Guangzhu [micro-blog] letter finally said "read later, I fear I will cry." The contents of the letter, 6 members agreed to write "still can’t believe that you must leave", pool Xichen [micro-blog] says "when I heard you want to quit, to tell the truth a little angry, but you have been very hard, can you understand." Song Ji Hyo’s letter is Monday couple adorable, she flew into the massage machine, because Gary often backache, she often after recording for the massage, the letter for the first time to say without exposure of the truth, "brother heard to go, I was scared, I always thought that we will go together for a long time, you didn’t want to leave, so I was very angry and cried." And members 7 years, she also said in the end "as long as you want to come back, can at any time." What the audience cry. (ETToday) (commissioning editor: Lolo)相关的主题文章: