Gang cheating software R & D drilling net about car drivers to buy more than 3 loopholes profit – Beijing Gang cheating software R & D network about cars drill loopholes profit more than 3 National drivers to buy used car platform about losses of more than 600 R & D Mouwang about car drivers cheating software, the driver from the control platform can be refused to pick a single, single that caused huge losses to the passengers. Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau network security corps was informed that the Beijing police cracked the country’s first sale of the car about the software cheat case, arrested 5 suspects. After initial verification, the country has more than 3 drivers to purchase and use the cheating software, causing the car company about more than 600 yuan in economic losses, at the same time, the investigation found communication tools cheating suspects have a profit of more than 100 yuan. – the more than 30 thousand driver to cheat platform lost millions of July 29, 2016, a Beijing network about the car company to Beijing City Public Security Bureau network security corps (hereinafter referred to as the "network security corps") reported that the company found abnormal background data monitoring. According to the company about the rules of the car software, the higher the score of drivers get far away, the higher the quality of a single car subsidies. However, the company’s back office system data show that there are a lot of drivers can receive frequent quality car list, but its score does not match. The company suspected that someone has developed a driver end APP software cheats. The driver related to the use of cheating software, the computer information system operation data of the company for the interference, which appeared to single "and" pick list, select the distance, high quality car single profit subsidies. According to the network about car platform statistics, the current platform driver, there may be more than 30 thousand drivers have installed the software, resulting in the company’s economic losses of up to more than 600 yuan. Investigation of 2000 yuan to 20 thousand yuan national agency network security corps police task force investigation found that many owners through the Internet to buy a QQ group called "upgrade software about car" or "touch screen Wizard" cheating software, use the computer software system for the network about the car company’s interference. To request "to single" and "single of distributed traffic pick". These cheat software for the driver to use the Android system, apple jailbreak system and non jailbreak phone classification. The driver and the seller agreed to purchase software models, by 600 to 800 yuan to pay the cost of Alipay or WeChat can buy software. Due to the network about the car company is not regularly updated software, the software will also be on the rules or the corresponding upgrade system, the driver can pay 600 yuan per month service fee, update their cheat software. QQ group is also higher than the market price of 800 yuan price, the sale has installed a variety of mobile phone software cheat device. The driver paid, the seller will be sent to the driver or software available for download address, the driver will be installed on the mobile phone software, the seller will provide the driver activation password, drivers can use the software on the mobile phone to enter the password after activation. According to reports, the use of this type of cheating software, the driver can freely set up the car to pick up a single相关的主题文章: