Fuzhou Yishoufang prices rose fifteen rising over the first Xiamen Strait news network September 20th (Strait Metropolis Daily reporter Qiu Yexu) yesterday, the National Bureau of Statistics announced in August 70 large and medium-sized city residential sales price index, Fuzhou housing prices fifteen rising, rose 4.3%, which is in Fuzhou this year to a rose highest the. Reporters noted that the Fuzhou housing prices rose for the first time exceeded Xiamen, ranking fifth in the country, the top four are Zhengzhou, Shanghai, Wuxi, Hefei. Insiders said, developers want to think good "golden nine silver ten", pricing or to avoid radical. The data of the new commercial housing prices rose city 64 last month increased 13 decline in the city 4 higher than last month rose city rose 31 in more than 1% city 25 rose to a maximum of 5.6% local data Yishoufang prices in Fuzhou rose 4.3% or the fifth rose 20.4% year-on-year in Xiamen rose 3.9% or the seventh Quanzhou Rose Rose a record high this year in August 1.3% of soil shoot is the "catalyst" or "hit a new high this year, the soil in August beat is the primary catalyst"." Central Plains real estate Fuzhou branch director general manager Cai Jun said that the land auction will be the city’s highest salable floor price raised to more than 45 thousand yuan square meters, fully push up the market expectations, to mobilize the customer’s purchase sentiment. Developers have also increased prices, and the range is not small, the entire market transactions active. It is understood that, at present, the Fuzhou market Yishoufang supply is tight, many projects only in the push or off, some of the projects not only poop. "Especially the central plate, housing is not much, developers prices are more bold."." Cai Jun said, in the first tier cities and hot second tier cities tighten housing policy, some investment demand also spill over to the regional key cities such as Fuzhou. Compared with last year, the proportion of investment buyers in Fuzhou increased, the current and just need, improve demand accounted for about 37 open. At present, the property market has entered the traditional "golden nine silver ten" sales period. Cai Jun said, Fuzhou property market experienced continuous price rise, many Yishoufang Yishoufang rose more than 30%, the price has reached a high level, the rise in the short term will slow down. He suggested that developers at this stage should avoid being too radical, and give customers a certain psychological acceptance. For the Fuzhou market, the unit price of 30 thousand yuan square meters is a "threshold"".

福州一手房价格“十五连涨” 涨幅首超厦门   海峡网9月20日讯(海峡都市报记者 邱也栩)昨日,国家统计局公布了8月份70个大中城市住宅销售价格指数,福州房价“十五连涨”,环比上涨4.3%,这也是福州今年来环比涨幅最高的一次。   记者注意到,本次福州房价环比涨幅首次超越厦门,高居全国第五位,前四位分别是郑州、上海、无锡、合肥。业内人士表示,开发商要想过好“金九银十”,定价上还是要避免激进。   全国数据   新建商品住宅价格   环比上涨的城市 64个   比上月增加 13个   下降的城市 4个   环比涨幅高于上月城市 31个   涨幅在1%以上城市 25个   最高涨幅为5.6%   本地数据   一手房价格   福州 环比涨4.3%   涨幅全国第五   同比涨20.4%   厦门 环比上涨3.9%   涨幅全国第七   泉州 环比上涨1.3%   分析   涨幅创今年新高 8月土拍是“催化剂”   “涨幅创今年新高,8月的那场土拍是最主要的‘催化剂’。”中原地产福州分公司董事总经理蔡俊表示,那场土拍将城区的最高可售楼面价抬到4.5万元 平方米以上,充分推涨了市场预期,调动了客户的购买情绪。开发商也纷纷涨价,且幅度不小,整个市场成交活跃。   据了解,目前,整个福州市场一手房供应偏紧,很多楼盘仅在加推或者蓄客,一些项目只剩下尾货未出。“特别是中心板块,房源不多,开发商提价也比较大胆。”蔡俊说,在一线城市和热点二线城市收紧购房政策后,一些投资性需求也外溢到福州这样的区域重点城市来。相比去年,福州购房群体中的投资客比重增加,目前与刚需、改善需求占比大概三七开。   目前,楼市已进入传统的“金九银十”销售期。蔡俊说,福州楼市经历连续涨价后,不少一手房同比涨幅超过30%,阶段价格已经到达高位,短期内涨幅将趋缓。他建议,该阶段开发商要避免过于激进,给客户心理一定的接受期。对福州市场来说,单价3万元 平方米是一个“槛”。相关的主题文章: