Fujian introduced a pilot drug marketing authorization holder implementation plan according to the relevant program of the State Council, Fujian province in June this year to November 4, 2018 to carry out pilot work of drug marketing license holders, become the one of the first batch of 10 pilot. In order to work smoothly, the 16 day, the introduction of the "Fujian provincial food and Drug Administration of Fujian province to carry out the pilot work of drug marketing authorization holder system implementation plan", specific operation points, stipulated that all drug production enterprises seriously violate the relevant provisions of GMP records, shall not accept the production enterprises commissioned the production of three years holder. Pilot drug marketing authorization holder system, in order to expand the drug Declaration on the scope of the subject, promote enterprise independent research and development of new drugs enthusiasm, curb drug production enterprises producing chemicals. Fujian Province issued the "implementation plan", in addition to emphasizing the applicant or the holder is the main responsibility of drug safety, motivate comprehensive assessment of drug production conditions, the holder of the level of quality management and market reputation and other factors to determine the selection of the production enterprises, guide the applicant entrusts integrity and good management level of high quality enterprises. It is reported that Fujian province will take the lead in Xiamen port biomedicine, Fuzhou and Sanming pharmaceutical industry to carry out the pilot exploration zone and holder of Zherong Haixi medicine city, encourage high-quality pharmaceutical enterprises in the province and outside the pharmaceutical enterprises and cooperation, the establishment of technology platforms commissioned the production process, and gradually realize the professional division of labor and productivity advantage agglomeration pattern. (reporter Chu Baishan) (Fujian daily)