Fujian Dongshan Guandi Jinshen first ring of security patrol   Taiwan; to promote cross-strait cultural exchanges – Fujian channel — people.com.cn original title: Fujian golden ring for the first time in Dongshan Guandi security patrol promoting cultural exchanges between the two sides on the 13 day, reporters from Dongshan County News Center was informed that the Fujian Dongshan Guandi Jinshen has arrived in Penghu on the evening of 12 islands, 16 days went to Kaohsiung to carry out cultural exchanges, the ring of security patrol activities is the first time in the history of cross-strait exchanges. The ring parade sponsored by the Taiwan funded enterprises, Dongshan Dongshan County of Guan Yu Temple and Taiwan Chinese Taoism Guanshengdijun Hongdao Association jointly organized the Taiwan round, with the believers to worship the dream, will play a positive role in cross-strait civilian exchanges bridge consolidation. In order to ensure the security patrol activities, customs clearance smoothly to carry out cultural exchanges, to advance the consignment of Dongshan customs clearance issues with the relevant units of communication and coordination, tracking and guiding enterprises to guarantee application, open up "Easy Access" priority to enterprises for temporary exit formalities of filing and reporting. In October 11th, the Taiwanese ship carrying goods and gold statue Dongshan Guandi suijia by the Penghu port into the Taiwan cruise Ambrose paid "smooth sailing. This is the first release of Dongshan customs station temporarily exit cultural exchange activities. (Lin Huayi Chen Xiao Liu Yating) (commissioning editor Wu Zhou and Zhang Zijian)相关的主题文章: