From the full width to change line overtake Fuji old driver is anti camera X1D how do Hasselblad some time ago released the industry’s first use of frame image sensor, Fuji also followed released in the frame of the anti camera GFX 50S. Interestingly, both the sensor 43.8×32.9mm 50 million pixel level, but for the love of connecting users, the former lens shutter the focal plane shutter is a big difference: the former can high speed sync, which is convenient for non lens shutter camera adapter. From the two medium format – system can see the future development of the two generation anti potential, the potential here mainly refers to the bayonet compatibility, up here and talk about how to make Fuji into a bayonet – "change line overtake" old driver. Fuji GFX 50S is in the frame of the anti camera latest product in anti camera or in APS-C format for the trend of the times, SONY E and Samsung NX system, the two systems are very representative of the bayonet – – is the original bayonet design there is no consideration of carrying the whole picture, the final result that Xiao Bian also needs no introduction, the former almost dominated the full frame without the anti camera market, while the latter is not like the SONY E bayonet that take full frame and APS-C and become a generation of history, of course, have to say here is the Canon EOS M system, in theory, this system is compatible with the full frame, but so far we have not seen from the giant sincerity moved. A Fuji driver said, old innocent — "is engaged in a Lao Tzu format!" When it comes to Fuji, he is in the frame of product "old driver", from the film era, Fuji has released a film camera in different format, there is even a XPAN – – this is wide with no predecessors 135 unique history of the system, of course, now we are talking in the frame. Fuji has released a lot of frame products, even 6x9cm products from 6×4.5cm, 6x6cm, 6x7cm, 6x9cm, 6x12cm, 6x17cm dedicated to panorama, 120 Fuji (frame system) do can be said to be the most important thing is to reach the acme of perfection, many Japanese German brands are popular, Fuji’s biggest advantage – cheap price to become a lot of photographers preferred, believe that with the development of sensor technology in the digital age, we are not difficult to see the future there will be the shadow of Fuji film era. Format Hasselblad X1D size refers to the imaging size between 36x24mm and small format 4×5 inch large format. We often say that 645 is 6×4.5cm (60x45mm), the current image sensor is not up to this size, a relatively large pixel sensor is 53.7×40.4mm 100 million. On the frame, 60x45mm, 53.7×40.4mm, 43.8×32.9mm three size stacked together and sensor X1D, GFX body compared to X1D, GFX is the smallest (43.8.相关的主题文章: