For the first time, France held the theme of the Nanjing massacre Exhibition – Beijing News Agency France Castle – 22 October, (reporter Long Jianwu) local 22, located in the Normandy area of northwest France hill city (Caen) Peace Memorial in waving flags, inside and outside of the pavilion prominently posted "witnessed the historical facts of the Nanjing Massacre – 1937" Sino French bilingual posters, many French audiences queuing up for admission to the show. "I’ve never had a detailed understanding of the history of this frightful to the ear. Unfortunately, there are still some Japanese refuse to recognize such crimes. In my opinion, the only way to face a better future is to face up to history." Vatican City resident Gerard told News Agency reporters expressing such feedback. In the afternoon, Chinese ambassador to France, Zhai Jun and the Gang City Mayor Bruno together for the Chinese foundation for human rights development, human rights research, China will host foreign cultural exchange association of Jiangsu province exhibition. This is the first time that Chinese NGOs have organized such exhibitions in European countries. The exhibition is divided into the Japanese atrocities in Nanjing, Europe and the United States who rescue refugees, the western media reported earlier, Chinese and foreign people build peace four parts, featured more than 270 pieces of historical photos, more than 50 pieces of exhibits and video data. The exhibition all use third party records through the year in Nanjing and Professor, missionaries, doctors, journalists, diplomats, diaries, letters, documents, photos and videos, and show who witnessed the history of the Nanjing massacre. It is understood that the exhibition China by the Japanese invaders in Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall and the French City Gang Peace Memorial Exhibition contractors, specifically in the performance of the French people on the history of the Nanjing massacre, exhibited a French priest Rao Jiaju in Europe and the United States left behind Nanjing’s wartime assistance to establish the security zone to protect refugees etc.. Grimaldi, curator of the city’s Peace Memorial, said it was the first exhibition of the Nanjing massacre in france. It should be pointed out that the Nanjing massacre is a historical fact that can not be denied. Peace can only be achieved without forgetting history. This exhibition helps to understand the European people, including the French, Chinese civilians during the war far more casualties than soldiers. We can also clarify an understanding that the second world war actually began in 1937, the outbreak of China’s war of resistance against japan. Wang Jianlin, Deputy Secretary General of the China human rights development foundation, said that under the joint efforts of the international community, the Nanjing massacre file has been included in UNESCO’s World Heritage list. The foundation would like to cooperate with foreign peace groups and human rights organizations to carry out more activities to organize such exhibitions to more countries and regions, for the international community to understand this period should not be erased and tampering with the tragic history. China News Agency reporters saw in the exhibition hall, after the opening ceremony, the French audience to enter the exhibition area. Visitors in one block stopped and looked at the front panels, to watch the images and text reading. Some people see in some content to look dignified, Tuosai hand, like a meditation. A French visitor in the book in the message: "in the Normandy landing sacrifice. (city hill near the city) we have, for the suffering level)相关的主题文章: