Fourth quarter iPhone parts orders increased by 20-30%, according to the Taiwan control panel suppliers, Apple will be the 2016 fourth quarter iPhone and iPhone 7 Plus parts orders increased by 20%-30%. It is understood that TPK and GIS is Apple’s iPhone 7 touch panel suppliers, apple recently added orders to GIS. Considering that GIS is a subsidiary of Foxconn, Apple will be more orders to the hands and because Apple has added a perfectly logical and reasonable, orders to GIS, is expected to the touch panel suppliers in the fourth quarter results will have a strong performance. Allegedly, the second half of 2016, manufacturers are expected to ship 80 million -8400 million units iPhone, as compared to the second half of 2015, shipments of iPhone 6S was $85 million -9000 units. However, due to the impact of the Samsung Note7 by the explosion, iPhone 7 series should get more market, so Apple will increase the order to meet the market demand for parts.相关的主题文章: