Foreign media said Chinese garlic prices soared 85%: speculators also smell the smell of money in the international trading center of Jinxiang garlic, buyers of hiring migrant workers in the selection of garlic bagging. Reference News Network November 9th Xinhua News Agency reported that the U.S. media said, last winter Chinese cold freezing, garlic lead to reduced supply, prices and soaring. Now in this market speculators find opportunities to make more profits. The "Wall Street journal" website published in November 8th entitled "speculators China money market garlic smell taste" reported that garlic exports China accounted for around 80% of global exports. The cost of Chinese garlic has soared 85% in the past 12 months to a record high of HK $13 per kilogram. Garlic prices rose 60% in the United States last year, nearly $80% of fresh garlic imports from china. Reported that this prompted some Chinese traders hold garlic in order to gain more profits. Garlic prices are expected to remain high until June next year, when the new garlic market, because the supply is very tight, and at the same time the world’s garlic buyers feel the pain. Olaf, managing director of AKO, a German condiment company, said that Europe would have to adapt to the new price of Richter. The report said that, like many other agricultural products in China, garlic attracts speculators because it is harvested once a year and sold slowly before the second harvest. Market participants will be stored in the temperature control of garlic in the warehouse, the supply reduction in the release of inventory, thereby increasing profits.相关的主题文章: