Foreign media: Hongkong received the mainland reported after the seizure of Singapore armored vehicles seized armored vehicle original title: foreign media: Hongkong received the mainland reported after the seizure of Singapore armored vehicles [global network reported] according to Hongkong Customs seized Singapore Armed Forces armored car event, "Singapore joint Zaobao" in November 27th citing Hongkong media news Hongkong customs, is taken in the received Chinese line reported after the mainland law enforcement action, not previously known is to be found in routine inspections. According to reports, the cargo ship carrying armored vehicles before arriving in Xiamen, mainland China Haitian dock at ports in the mainland, workers have found the ship carrying military vehicles, Hongkong Customs Act in mainland law enforcement departments received a tip. Reported that the ship is carrying the armored car "APL QATAR 041", in November 21st from Taiwan port of Kaohsiung, which had been found on board the mainland ports of military goods, without approval, the customs of Hongkong received the law enforcement departments of the mainland reported after boarded the ship and detained military investigation, related items, rather than routine inspection found. In this regard, the Hongkong customs yesterday reply "Ming Pao" said declined to comment. Reported that this will be responsible for the nine vehicles tailaisi wheeled armored personnel carrier and equipment shipped back to Singapore commercial shipping company APL, the company had to respond to ever commissioned by the Singapore Armed Forces carrying arms. APL from Singapore Nol’s business, Haihuang this year has been the full acquisition of CMA cgm. In the 25 session of the Chinese Foreign Ministry press conference, a reporter asked Singapore and Taiwan to maintain long-term military relations. This is according to the mainland by Hongkong customs? Does the Chinese side express its dissatisfaction with the military relations between Singapore and Taiwan?" Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang said, foreign people and goods in and out of Hongkong SAR, Hongkong SAR should follow the relevant laws. At the same time, the Chinese government has always firmly opposed to any form of official exchanges between China and Taiwan, including military exchanges and cooperation. Editor: Kang Yunkai相关的主题文章: