Foreign friends are keen to discuss: LPL not enough players group up the whole class or from a number of channels: Korean media twitter, RNG and coach Fly said, China team seems ready to withdraw all Han Yuan, but I didn’t think RNG will be one of them. Looper may go back to college, Mata may become a coach. If this is true, it would be a pity. (Note: the original post reply message assumed no official confirmation, this post, discuss the authenticity of the message is not included) = Chinese enough S a player to form a good whole class? This is a serious question, and I would like to ask someone who has an opinion on LPL. Not for war. They can increase some great teams, but the LPL team had 21 positions are korean. If they want to replace them all, it is necessary to select some players from the ladder and lspl. Anyway, my ideal lineup will be: Loong Condi Xiye S1mlz Meiko. Each LPL position (hukou) outstanding players: Flandre, Loong, V: 957, Condi, MLXG, jungler: Sofm (rather than South Korea, Vietnam) Avoidless, Intruder, Wushuang: Xiye, Icon, Xiaohu single (the state is very poor, but recently in Assassin’s version should be recovery) Weiless, ADC:Uzi, S1mlz, Meiko, Jiezou, Jackylove: perhaps Savoki? Any man, you directly to the Clearlove to exclude…… I like it。 He mentioned Clearlove up, but his ID and in the world arena as invisible arrows): sounds, each location has at least three good players; moreover, we can expect sooner or later there will be a rising star. But it also shows that South Korean players are more dominant in LPL – maybe I’m just too ignorant, but I’ve never heard of about half of the ID. Increase attention should know China division after S4, LPL is a (hukou) talent — at least in the operation and technical level. In the days after the destruction of SSW destroyed, the Chinese team began to introduce Korean crazy. China has a big gap with South Korea, the only reason is the lack of discipline – even though China’s talent is enough to make the gap narrowed. = V, MLXG, Icon, Uzi and Meiko — sounds is a very strong team. If you want to give a lot of resources to the other way, V is a great choice on the list (Uzi hungry, feed the dog). = what is gratifying is that many players you mentioned are only a year LPL. They have room for improvement. Arrows do not know that you are not deliberately do not write Clearlove, but he is still the strongest China junglers, but much better — although his world game sucks. The reason why people in the S6 before the相关的主题文章: