Foreign adult dating website was hacked over 412 million account information was leaked – Sohu news according to the British newspaper the Independent reported on November 15th, October, adult dating and entertainment company Friend Finder Network has just experienced a large-scale hacker attacks, resulting in more than 412 million of the account information leakage. Friend Finder Network operations known as the world’s largest gun community, the adult dating site Adult Friend Finder. In addition, there are several other adult operations site, including penthouse. According to the magazine "Forbes" web site reported that most of the data is stored in YISHION text, which means that personal information is very easy to expose. Only from a dating website (Adult Friend Finder) has nearly 340 million users of data theft, and 62 million account information leaked from the video chat site cams, 7 million from penthouse, leaving about 2 million 500 thousand from the company’s other subsidiaries. The hacker database Leaked Source said the leaked data covers the Adult Friend Finder website 20 years of information, email address, password, date, browser access information and IP address are leaked. Friend Finder Network, vice president and senior adviser Diana Ballou said, really found a loophole, but has been repaired. This vulnerability has access to the source code through the ability to insert. This is not the first time Friend Finder Networks was hacked last year, there are four million users of the information was leaked to the Internet, which contains a sexual orientation and gun records and other sensitive information. According to sina science and technology 14 reported that, through a preliminary analysis found that the leaked data did not like last year, which contains a lot of sensitive information. But it is not clear who launched the attack.相关的主题文章: