Flying pig VS outbound Ctrip is the weight of Sohu technology solo after two years, Ali once again travel incognito, from Taobao to travel to travel to Ali ah ", the name of more obvious" ali". Ali, Tmall zoo, such as ants, rookie kn more, a "flying pig". Lei famous Internet thinking theory, pigs can fly on the air. Ali changed his name to fly pigs, but also that he has gone to the air outlet. Ali changed the name of the trip, not just a simple slogan changes in two years to do a lot of exploration, and now there is a fundamental shift in strategy. 1, flying pigs focus on outbound tourism is the transformation of outbound tourism, can be called internationalization or globalization. Is not very familiar, 2014 is the Alibaba put forward three strategic first is international. Ali split independent travel in 2014, the start-up period in order to mark where Ctrip, also to pay attention to the market. In the past two years, great changes have taken place in online travel. Industry leader with the second merge, Ctrip added where is almost a monopoly position; the way cattle market, in promoting the tour with the group; the same way hold Tencent thigh, on WeChat has entrance. According to Analysys data, 2015 Chinese online travel market reached 473 billion 770 million yuan, an increase of 49.6%; China tourism online penetration rate reached 11.5%. 2015 Ctrip, where to go, Ali travel and other top three online travel companies occupy 79% of the online travel market share of the market, compared with an increase of 10.3% in 2014, the online travel market Matthew effect. The 28 rules in the field of the Internet, strong, in the industry leader is not the case in question, then their comeback is unlikely. Outbound travel online travel market is almost the last piece of the bonus, also can fly pigs where Ctrip overturned the few opportunities. 2014, China’s domestic tourism reached 3 billion 610 million passengers, representing an increase of 10.67% in 2014, the number of outbound tourism for the first time exceeded the number of passengers in 2013, reaching 107 million passengers, representing an increase of 9.2% in 2013. Compared to the domestic online travel of the Red Sea, outbound travel or a blue ocean. 2015, online outbound travel market size of 13 billion 720 million yuan, an increase of 79.5%. Outbound travel market size reached 1 trillion and 500 billion yuan. Online travel, the first is a big market, rapid growth, faster than the domestic online travel market growth, the annual growth of nearly one hundred percent growth rate; secondly, in this market, and there is not a strong, no matter is still in the way cattle Ctrip, almost no contribution. This is called the edge of the Internet strategy, from the edge to the center, the last edge can become a center. 2, how to catch up with Ctrip? At present, the growth of domestic electricity supplier in 20~30%, the online travel industry is more than 40%, in fact, the growth rate is still high. On.相关的主题文章: