Financial subsidies to the correction of new energy automotive industry benchmark – car — original title: financial subsidies to the correction of the new energy automotive industry benchmark of fiscal policy under the care of the Chinese new energy vehicle budding period has passed, switching to a rapid growth, two financial subsidies gradually "fall off" has become inevitable. In the future, government financial subsidies will be significant to the scale, diversity and technical. It can be predicted that, with the more accurate financial subsidies force, China’s new energy vehicles will be stepped up to improve the quality, pay attention to technological innovation and innovative business model of connotative growth track. On the basis of the investigation of the Ministry of Finance and other four ministries after half year, five new energy automobile production enterprises, including Suzhou GMC bus, Jinlong United Automobile total defrauding financial subsidies in 2013 to 1 billion 10 million in 2015. Thus, in addition to return the financial subsidy funds, five companies were subjected to a suspended vehicle production qualification, cancel the qualification penalty and punishment of financial subsidies. Of course, these five companies exposed only the tip of the iceberg, the premise is publicly notified in the absence of relevant enterprises under has been fined or will issue models from the "energy-saving and new energy vehicle demonstration and application of recommended models directory" in selecting. From exempt from purchase tax and travel tax, to get the wave number and not limit the privilege of giving up the license plate, from the central and local government procurement to the two levels of financial open money bags, no country in the world like China as the new energy automotive such size, wide caliber to support. Over the past 10 years, the world’s subsidies for new energy vehicles totaled about $16 billion, while China accounted for more than half. According to data released by the State Council, since 2009 the implementation of the subsidy policy for new energy vehicles, the central government has arranged 33 billion 435 million subsidy funds, such as with 1:1 local government supporting financial subsidies, each production of new energy vehicles, enterprises will receive subsidies of up to 134 thousand. Generous and generous financial subsidies to stimulate the growth of China’s new energy vehicles blowout. Over the past 6 years, the production and sales of new energy vehicles from China, respectively, by leaps and bounds to last year’s 497 thousand and 440 thousand, which last year, the cumulative production of new energy vehicles, an increase of 400%, an increase of 379 thousand. The first 7 months of this year, the new energy vehicle production and sales increased by more than once again, respectively, and 207 thousand, an increase of 119.8% and 122.8%. Just a few years, China has become the world’s largest producer and consumer of new energy vehicles. However, behind the bustling market, so a few dirty hands. The survey found that the means of defrauding the state financial subsidies to the enterprise pattern don’t, as in the vehicle did not reach the standard even without promotion on illegal production licence cheat subsidies will be in accordance with the provisions of the vehicles sold to related companies rather than end users, does not meet the conditions for subsidies subsidies but in advance; the technical content is not high. The battery will not invest in the production and operation of the vehicle to obtain financial subsidies, vehicles will be sold to the end user but in obtaining subsidies after a large number of idle funds, resulting in serious waste; and the enterprises in obtaining vehicle subsidies, simply purchase electric vehicle)相关的主题文章: