Finally admitted! Ruby Lin pregnant April sweet said everything is good Ran Wen Sina entertainment news on September 7th, Ruby Lin [micro-blog] to attend an event, in an interview for the first time to admit pregnancy: is a very pleasant process." In addition, for friends Hsu Chi [micro-blog] a few days ago suddenly announced the marriage issue, such as heart and everyone says he is known at the same time, not only that, even before Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung have been in love for four years [micro-blog] things are not clear. September 7th, Ruby Lin attended a certain brand of clothing activities, the scene was asked by reporters: is deliberately selected a piece of loose clothes to wear it?" Heart like sweet smile: "of course!" Reporter further asked: "so we say ‘good news’ (pregnancy) is true? Is it four months yet?" She did not evade, admitted: "quite happy, is a very pleasant process." This is also from the heart, such as the news came out, I first admitted pregnant. After the reporter has asked directly, the baby is a boy girl?" "There is a child?" Heart, such as a good mood to answer, frankly, although I do not know the child’s gender, but everything is good". When asked about how Wallace Huo and her married life, the heart is also showing a happy sweet expression. In September 6th she travel with Wallace Huo hand photos "single child dog" numerous, in this regard, the heart like two people think the food shopping is very normal, their marriage, the biggest change is the attitude adjustment, after all, is a combination of several families, some problems should be more comprehensive." In just a few days ago, Hsu Chi suddenly announced its bestie and Stephen Fung marry, a reporter asked about the matter, the heart such as the scene said, does not know that Hsu Chi is getting married before their own, and we know the time is the same, not only that, even Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung have been in love for four years did not know. But with the years from a friend to become a lover of the representative, the heart as saying: I wish her well, these are quite rare fate." (Ran) (commissioning editor: Bai Ling)相关的主题文章: