The critic sunr: watching movies with the movie not anxious to see the overall resonance – Beijing Peking University Boya forum site. Match speaker. Sponsor for map. Beijing Beijing, November 13, (Shangguan) 12, "Peking University Boya forum" held in Beijing. This lecture speaker, critics who match film review, how to view problems interact with the audience. Talking about "how to become a occupation audience" topic, he said, we can’t be afraid of spoilers, "some Hollywood blockbuster story is not strong. It is to provide you with the other two things, one is the basic way of life, the desire to survive; one is a spectacle." Game is CCTV movie channel "Chinese movie report" senior planner, "book with dust and light: on the 110 years since the China film" tells the story of some of the movies when he was feeling. Sai said that the book with the rigorous historical, theoretical works are different, it is more personal, like my film notes". "The development of Chinese film is very prosperous at present, but we can’t ignore the degree of the film culture spread in the ordinary audience. In a sense, the competition of the people with the light and dust, a book, it is in response to this demand and the creation of." The organizers of this forum, "and" to interpret the light with the dust of lucid, transparent, open awareness and reading of films a new door for readers. In the pulpit, starting from the book game content, in order to find the movie beauty and good: how to become a "occupation audience", try to explore together with the reader to look at how to better film mentality and attitude. He said: "which country’s movies love to tell stories? In my personal perception is the Japanese film. Japanese film is very story, but the Japanese film is not the mainstream of the world film, perhaps because it is too much to tell a story, love to tell stories". "As the audience, should not be afraid. We go to the movies to see the whole, not just the story, but the rhythm of the movie." Match said, at the same time, the movie is not "innocence" and "childish", not to worry with the movie "resonance", "a lot of people watching the movie would have feelings, the movie is going to see a different world, a more open world, if you just find resonance, so this world is closed". (end)相关的主题文章: