Software You want to send files fast, but your files are too large to send as an e-mail attachment, so how do you send large files? It’s easy, transferring files can be a snap when you use one of the many file sharing sites available online today. Many of the companies online that allow you to send files also allow your file to be stored on their server for as long as two weeks (although most people prefer five days, seeing as storing a file for any longer is a waste of time and money.). Many people use the services I’ve listed below to share documents, videos, video games, photos, archives, music (Mp3, .wav, etc…), software and much more! Swap it! Encrypt it! is the newest and most amazing file sharing service to come online to date. Their service is contract free (that means no monthly membership fees and no sign up is required) a user simply selects the size of the file (from 100 Mb 2 Gb) they would like to share and then pays accordingly. Swap it! Encrypt it! stores the sent file for five days, the file can then be downloaded an unlimited amount of times by the recipient over that five day period. The other great thing about Swap it! Encrypt it! is they offer many free extras (like free password protection and free confirmation emails) that other companies charge extra for (or that you can only get with a monthly membership based service). Swap it! Encrypt it! also offers a free file transfer service, Swap it! Encrypt it! LiteSwap it! Encrypt it! Lite . Users can send unlimited files up to 25 Mb in size for free with password protection. 25 Mb’s might not sound like a lot; however, when it’s unlimited sending and there’s no sign up required (you just select your file and click send) it makes sharing everyday files that are too large to attach to e-mail super easy to share. YouSendIt has been around for a long time and they are reliable; however the service they offer is extremely limited unless you are willing to pay through the teeth for it. You can send a file up to 2 Gb in size per month with their Pro account for $9.99, or sign up for the free account they offer and send ten files up to 100 MB in size per month. Yousendit stores files on their servers for 7 days. Yousendit like Swap it! Encrypt it! offers the ability to pay for and send one time file transfers; however, it still requires signing up, they charge $8.99 US (flat rate) to send a file up to 2 Gb in size, and if you want a confirmation e-mail, password protection or to track the file you’ve just sent each of those features cost an extra $3.99 US on top of the $8.99 a user has to pay to send their file! TransferBIGfiles allows you to send 1GB for free, but then they expect you to buy the desktop program they offer if you want or need to send files larger than 1 Gb. TransferBIGFiles is probably the least useful file transer service online; however, they do offer a no file size limit and no sign up required service, so that can be a good thing if you have a file that is 10 Gb in size (or bigger) that you need to send fast. DropSend allows users to send 1 Gb for free, files can be downloaded seven times and you can only upload five files per month as well there is a 250 Mb online storage limit and files expire after seven days. If you need more online storage DropSend offers four other plans (Basic, Standard, Pro and Business). MegaUpload offers up to 500MB storage for free, and users can upgrade to their Premium package for a monthly or annual fee. Keep in mind that there are other file transfer services out there; however, most of them are unreliable or cost way too much for the service they provide. I have taken a lot of time researching for this blog so I could be sure that the information I offer you is correct and the best of what you will find online. Hopefully this blog was helpful and will be a great aid as you continue to search for the file sharing service that works best for you. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: