Feng Xiaogang "Pan Jinlian": the theme is "rule of law" [Abstract] "I am not Pan Jinlian" America file October 7th, in director Feng Xiaogang’s eyes, the film theme is actually four words – "the rule of law". Tencent entertainment interview with Feng Xiaogang: "I am not Pan Jinlian" the theme is "rule of law" Feng Xiaogang red carpet Toronto International Film Festival Entertainment Tencent reported in Toronto group (Wen Fengyi Zhang Chao Well Go USA Entertainment camera) days before it announced its new "Feng Xiaogang Pan Jinlian" I’m not in the North American distribution rights and set file released in October 7th. The film is scheduled for release in the mainland in September 30th. "I am not Pan Jinlian" adapted from the novel of the same name by Liu Zhenyun in. The film tells the story of satirical humor, Li Xuelian ten years of rural women complain, deal with officials at all levels of the absurd and dramatic story. The film opened at the Toronto Film Festival in the world premiere, the film director Feng Xiaogang, starring Fan Bingbing, Guo Tao, Peng came to Toronto, and attended the red carpet premiere, and came to Toronto during the film festival, received access to entertainment Tencent. During the visit, Feng Xiaogang spoke with special format described, as well as the choice of creation reasons behind. For Li Xuelian’s story and experience, he explained that this is actually a person in the human society and the impact of education, who grew up in the era of legal society into a representative of the transition period. It is also through her can see our whole Chinese society, see some people’s inner contradictions, twisted bar. For him, this is a manifestation of the rule of law, the spirit of the work, the interpretation of the other and is regarded as a gimmick title, are not the film to convey information. Feng Xiaogang in Toronto, "I am not Pan Jinlian" reflected the former conference speech: when the film Tencent entertainment format transform, show ingenuity. What are the implications of these designs, or is it just for the audience to look natural in the eye? Feng Xiaogang: Yes, in fact, the first to make the change of these two kinds of frame can not have obvious steps, my first round becomes square, also secretly with a wide lens. Tencent Entertainment: noticed, is a bus passing through the screen. Feng Xiaogang: Yeah, but the audience doesn’t notice. All this in order to make the conversion of the two pictures look more natural, including from the party to last round, including back width. The last part of the play, the kitchen, was a square, in order to make everyone look like there was no obstacle. Tencent Entertainment: under the circular cover, the amount of information expressed in the screen, the audience to see the amount of information is limited. This is intended to limit? Feng Xiaogang: I think it’s a lot more information. Because when I give a close-up, it makes me want to force the audience to look at this. When I give the audience a more panoramic picture, the audience can actually choose to focus on what he wants to focus on, but the amount of information is greater. "I am not Pan Jinlian" stills Tencent Entertainment: Li Xuelian with the development of the story, though it seems to be a part of her life. For this!相关的主题文章: