Feng Xiaogang on Comedy: bearing not only laughter, many hidden sadness – Beijing Feng Xiaogang Beijing, September 13 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Xi) 13, the movie "I am not Pan Jinlian" as "sad humor comedy" theme seminar held in Beijing, Feng Xiaogang, Hao Ning, Peng three comedy director attended the event, Shi Hang served as guest moderator. Feng Xiaogang admitted that the film I am not Pan Jinlian, very self willed, and said that behind the comedy is often hidden creators of sadness". "I’m not Pan Jinlian," today held a point of view, many viewers think it is a unique comedy. In the "sad humor comedy" seminar, director Hao Ning, Mirs respectively this "special" share your own understanding. Hao Ning said, "I am not Pan Jinlian" in the present Chinese comedy movie market is very scarce, between the radius is three weight superposition humor, aesthetics and philosophy, to bring people laughter behind some thinking, is a comedy movie in qingliu". Feng Xiaogang, Hao Ning, Peng in the "I am not Pan Jinlian" humorous discussion who plays Wang Gongdao Dapeng said he first starred in such poker-faced role, but this "serious" is the essence of humor film. Feng Xiaogang said, "I am not Pan Jinlian" in the humorous elements, core story and expression form have made a new attempt, and he had the comedy movie is not the same, hoping to give the audience a different experience. "I am not Pan Jinlian" tells the story of the woman Li Xuelian (Fan Bingbing ornaments) in order to correct a sentence, and all aspects of the past ten years the story. Feng Xiaogang’s the Oriental aesthetic charm of circular frame. To discuss the scene, Hao Ning, are based on the circular frame and Dapeng square frame with amazement, praise is not only the technology and form circular frame on the breakthrough, but also opens up new possibilities for the expression of the comedy film. Director Feng Xiaogang said he has humor, "nianguobanbai little time" is therefore not willing to compromise, to "willful" to shoot their love movies, how specific effects to be released after the audience to judge. Feng Xiaogang, Hao Ning, Shi Hang, Peng photo from 1997 to 2016 of the "Party B" "I am not Pan Jinlian" Feng Xiaogang, director of this year just 20 years, today’s humorous discussion will serve as the first activity officially opened the prelude to Feng Xiaogang’s comedy twenty years "series of activities. Asked about the love of Feng Xiaogang’s works, Hao Ning joked too many difficult choices, and imitate the "Party B" of the classic lines "kill me also don’t say at the scene". It is said that because of his involvement in Dapeng humor in love, so the "I am not Pan Jinlian", and picked up a authentic dialect improvised King fair lines, the atmosphere reached a climax. Feng Xiaogang said, although the time is getting, but their work can be very pleased to have the audience remember. Feng’s comedy brought a lot of joy to the audience, but Feng Xiaogang has said, in fact, not only laughter comedy bearing, outside the screen, the story behind, often hidden many "Sadness": on the one hand, the creative process behind the movies often accompanied by various outsiders)相关的主题文章: