Fan Bingbing distressed staff Fanzao friends marry with the elder brother home – Entertainment Sohu Fan Bingbing screenshot micro-blog Fan Bingbing was friends to marry     Sohu entertainment news the evening of November 2nd, Fan Bingbing sent a screenshot, the content is around the staff and the father of dialogue micro-blog, staff’s dad said clothes fell to the first floor two time to get nobody at home in micro-blog, I think her child at home, as long as the clothes fall back to jump over the wall, gray, often think of this situation now, will sigh: a woman so, isn’t it? The Fan Bingbing staff forward dad micro-blog, and said: "unfortunately, far, you still can give you over the wall." My father was distressed and asked: "now definitely can’t climb, or not marry!" Fan Bingbing saw the warm dialogue after micro-blog, and forwarded to the staff that Dad, said: "uncle, I will often put her home to help you pick up the clothes over the wall! Oh! The best next time there are two people to help you pick up! That would be the best! Right?" After micro-blog issued, users have a message, said Fan Ye is a warm heart boss!" There are more users is to marry, Bing Bing said: "sister, good looking forward to your wedding photos and big black?." Bing Bing sister with the morning brother to get married soon, with morning brother home". Fan Bingbing Li Chen self published romance, often in the micro-blog show loving friends envy. Previously, some netizens two appeared in Fan Bingbing’s hometown of Yantai, two people suspected of licensing, when entering another stage of life has always been concerned about. Recently, in an interview with Li Chen praised Fan Bingbing is a good helper, although the show was full of affection, but when asked two people and get married, Li Chen said only two people are too busy working, not to plan. [reading] no star shelf, they are warm entertainment good boss Tian Jing issued a blessing assistant after eight years of long-distance love Tian Jing assistant posting blessing ended eight years of courtship days ago, Tian Jing issued a warm wedding blessing. After she married 8 years assistant Cao Qingqing licensing, Tian Jing drying out new photos, and with the text "green, you follow me to work for eight years, also fell in love with him for eight years, I also witnessed you this eight years of love. Today, he will hold your hand, give you a lifetime commitment, although I am not at your side, but still very excited! Bless you! I hope you in the coming days, cherish each other, mutual tolerance, love forever!" Between the lines, with the blessing of the couple. Tian Jing’s warm heart moves her studio employees are very moved, stand to follow the big sweet next 8 years, or even the next 8 years. There are lots of users also refer to envy, have wanted to work together with Tian Jing. Because of Tian Jing’s blessing, the couple is particularly affected by the users concerned, the blessing of the micro-blog is forwarded thousands of fans, Tian Jing is praised: "so good to the employees, this very sweet!" What’s more, many netizens even volunteered to take the Tian Jing Studio: "excuse me, assistant? I am not afraid of hardship, sincere practice."   Wang Junkai as a staff member.相关的主题文章: