Family atmosphere "- you can create a riotous with colour" with the growth of children is Sohu maternal family cradle, if family life is rich and colorful, children will be happy and healthy, how to adjust the family atmosphere? Parents want to make family life full of colorful"! Red – in the hope that the Japanese family, often hear the mother said to the child: "you are my good child, the future will be promising." This simple sentence seems dull, but it is passed to the children to accept, recognition and affirmation of information, is hope, it is a dream. Parents should try their best to find the child’s strengths, praise him, he is sure to give children encouragement, hope, help them form a dream, positive guidance on the child’s mental health and behavior is extremely important. Yellow – happy Balzac once said: "the love of the husband and wife of the child, often rich in the characteristics of love: gentle, lively, happy, noble, enthusiastic." Therefore, parents should be full of love between you, not only can understand that happiness is the goal of life of children, and know how to create and cherish the happiness. In addition, the development of a variety of children’s interests, often guide the children to complete their own things, so that children continue to experience success, but also to get the tips of happiness. Orange – warm when the child made a mistake, or when the parents are in bad mood, can still be gentle treatment of children, it depends on the cultivation of parents. If the child has made a mistake, if he has not realized his mistake, he will often have a series of resistance. The face of children at this time, parents should keep as much as possible in a calm mood, listen to him, to give him a chance to put the anger inside, look at what you can do. Don’t blame the children to taunt. Sometimes, the test due to their parents. The pressure of work, the hardships of life, increased competition, parents sometimes unbearable suffering, angry, and even cry. But the mood should be avoided to the children to vent, not random showing a loss, pessimism of the state, not to expose contradictions in front of the children, should consciously let the children often see your smiling face, which is conducive to the formation of children optimistic mood. Grey — simple first, work and plain living habits among children, encourage children to school on higher standards, lower standards in life. Parents do not pay attention to food and clothing to dress up too much, the children saw, naturally to the parents as an example, seek simplicity in life. Secondly, we should try to meet the requirements of children’s learning, for children to create learning conditions. On the one hand, parents love their children, but also to let the children understand the difficulties of the family, let the children learn to face life from an early age. Green — the democracy to do family education, parents should get rid of the traditional mode of education, What I say goes. overweening democracy, should advocate family, equality, something common to discuss. In addition, to increase parent-child communication, family things can seek the views of children, such as watching TV, what holiday resort where, how living expenses and so on, only to respect the wishes of the child, the child will treat you as good people, their true.相关的主题文章: