Fake brother caught man drunk driving by motor car stopped by the police fled Xiamen (micro-blog) – Xiamen daily (micro-blog) news (correspondent Lin Yijing Peng Sizhong reporter Ceng Yanyan) Wang in a drunken crazy racing, drunk driving traffic police seized by the police after the escape, escape the suspect was included in the. Yesterday, he took his brother’s identity to the train, hope that through similar looking to escape inspection, but did not expect or was pulling". At noon yesterday, Wang in Xiamen railway public security department under the jurisdiction of the Quanzhou train station police station arrested. At noon yesterday at 1 pm, Quan Zhou Railway Station stop and passengers lined up in a long queue, on duty police Huang noted that a more than and 20 year old man is a bit weird, every turn soon, and the people behind the swap position. "Only want to jump the queue seen pushed forward, never seen such a hard back row," yellow police silently watching, after 15 minutes, the man finally turn to the front. Was stopped by police to check the ID card, he reluctantly pulled out from his pocket, muttering: "my car here……" Yellow police carefully check, found the photo on the ID card and the front man looks and look similar, but the pictures of people age more than 30 years old, and in front of the man from the look and sound judgment, no more than 25 years of age. ID number?" Yellow police request, man hesitated to open mouth, "350502199…… 3505021983…… Oh dear! I can’t remember will have ID number, ID number, the police comrades you don’t embarrass me, I’m in a hurry to the bus, and then delay the car and left." Two times the error their identity card numbers, yellow police more certain tricky. Man was taken back to the police station for investigation. After investigation, the man surnamed Wang, because the alleged crime of dangerous driving by the public security online wanted. Police said the suspect Wang in a drunken thrill drive for drunk driving traffic police seized after the escape. Wang knew his drunk driving behavior violated the law, when the car with my ID card will be exposed, so Shuaqi cleverness, borrow brother Id want to ride through a similar appearance to escape inspection. Finally, he could not escape legal sanctions. The case has been handed over to the unit for further investigation. Read the full text of this article is reproduced, does not represent the views of Xiamen (micro-blog). Xiamen network (micro-blog) for its text, pictures and other content of authenticity, timeliness, integrity and accuracy and its right attributes are not any guarantees and commitments, the reader and the relevant parties to verify. Xiamen (micro-blog) – Xiamen daily (micro-blog) >相关的主题文章: