F -20 China airshow debut audience attention Beijing – China News Agency, Zhuhai (reporter Deng Yuanwen) in November 1, the eleventh session of China international aviation and Aerospace Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the "China airshow") 1 at the Zhuhai airshow Center kicked off the global concern f -20 fighter in the air show the opening ceremony of the flight performance a public appearance, and the two plane formation flight display. Flight performance as Chinese airshow the most beautiful scenery attracted fans sought after airlines. Open the Eleventh Chinese flight airshow performances displayed on the table, the first flight is the first appearance of the "81" Chinese air force aerobatic team, the players were driving 6 fighters -10 formation performance. The flight show shows that the "August 1" flight show is a 9 flight display. After the performance of the August flight show team, the audience came to the mysterious guest appearance. With the roar of the rings, the concern of the f -20 appear in front of the audience, the audience with warm applause and cheers greeted the airshow debut f -20. It is understood that the -20 is composed of China independently developed the fifth generation double heavy stealth fighter, its maneuverability, agility and high elevation ability is very prominent. I saw two fighters -20 flew into the show scene over the pass, dual flight formation, make the speed rotary motion in the opposite direction, the action is completed, including a vertical climb, demonstrating the good flight performance f -20. Although annihilates -20 only a short 1 minute flight show, but still in the scene at the show caused a great sensation, the audience repeatedly claimed that "awesome, fun!" (end)相关的主题文章: