Exclusive: China, reed films like swine feeding – Sohu culture channel lead: Chinese film ushered in a golden age of hitherto unknown in hardware, second only to the United States and the number of screens in 2015 more than 44 billion at the box office for this age seems to be doing that. However, just the past domestic protection for the viewing of the month, but it can not see a month. Famous screenwriter reed for China movie this situation gives a metaphor, it is not only the number of swine feeding, and quality. More and more just for the capital driven was created some flooding the market, destroy the ecological environment, the film at the same time, also let the audience eat a bad appetite, and so on, China movies encounter may not decline too long. The Shanghai pen song invited to the famous film screenwriter reed, Shi Jianquan, to form a seminar at the Beijing writers coach Palace Hotel, two people will be starting from years of creative experience, and we discuss how to write the script, and how to present Chinese film dilemma breakthrough. Reed: a famous Chinese playwright and director. The writer works "(Farewell to My Concubine" won the best film at the Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or "), (" alive ", won the grand prize of the jury at the Cannes Film Festival in New York and the Losangeles Film Critics Award for best foreign language film)," collaboration with director Quanan Wang Tuya’s marriage "won the Golden Bear award at the 57 Berlin International Film Festival. In cooperation with the famous French director Jeanpierre Arnold’s" Wolf Totem "won the thirtieth Golden Rooster Award for best feature film award. China films like swine feeding, as long as the rise of China film market quantity not quality, good hardware, almost is one of the best in the world. The number of screens after the United States, this is very gratifying, we line up. But what follows is the cultural quality of our films, the quality of our products, the decline, the fall, which is very contradictory, very interesting phenomenon. I think there are similarities with other markets in China, China’s commodity market is very large, quality can not compliment. We really get the world can be proud of the famous brand products, is less and less. We provide a large proportion of the world’s light industrial products, but only quantity, no quality. The real quality of the brand, not us, you, such as French clothing, Italy furniture. We are far apart from others. People are from generation to generation, the film is also a generation, but the quality of the film is an eternal topic. I remember the past, Mr. Huang Yongyu once drew a cartoon picture of a pig in the food, eat very happy, my title is: as long as the number, not the quality of. Our Chinese film is quite similar to the situation, which is very embarrassing. Domestic consumers have a dual character, he first compared to passive, you feed him for what he had to eat what, but in second, with the film opening policy, foreign commercial blockbusters coming in their appetite was raised. So to see domestic films only eat garbage, on the other hand they taste out of foreign commercial blockbusters attractive place, addictive, so they will be in a very embarrassing situation, want to see the movie Chinese, but the lack of foreign.相关的主题文章: