Europe does not hinder the British property market heat   Vanke and other Chinese companies to buy local property   – Real Estate – People’s pound fell to attract a lot of foreign buyers to enter the UK office market. People’s network information photo (Wu Zhenguo photo) people Beijing, September (7) (Lu Zhikun) outside the UK may exaggerate the decision to vote from the EU to the local economy and the real estate market impact. This is the first real estate service providers Davies, assistant director of the Beijing Investment Department of the views of Wang Yao. He said that although the United Kingdom in late June voted to secede from the EU, but the impact of local real estate transactions is still relatively small, it will not cause great fluctuations in the economy. Mainly, the proportion of the entire real estate transaction in the overall economy is lower. Wang Yao is mainly responsible for cross-border transactions. Wang Yao said that in the UK and Europe, the bank and other service providers have a few real estate is negotiating a deal, but decided off the European influence on trading limited. He said that 60% of the transaction has not been affected, but about 30% of the transaction may be re evaluate the transaction price, because the sharp devaluation of the pound to make some buyers offer lower prices. About 10% of the trade is due to the termination of europe. Although the British made the decision to leave the EU after the local real estate fund sold a number of its commercial properties, but the retail market capitalization of the market value of the entire investment market accounted for only about 5%. But Wang Yao said that the decision to withdraw from the EU in the UK is expected to have some impact on the local real estate rental market tenant structure. With the UK out of Europe, some multinational companies may consider whether to move away from the UK based in London, thereby reducing demand for office buildings in the uk. A British exit is expected to result in a greater impact on the banking industry, they fear that they might lose the EU’s "single licence" and consider the European headquarters in France or Germany, but the banking needs of tenants accounted for only 5.5% of total demand around the centre of london. In addition, such as insurance and other financial institutions and professional service providers demand for office or will be stable, these industries generally support the british. In fact, with the asset discount effect brought by the pound fell, and British authorities to lower interest rates will reduce the real cost of borrowing, pushing up the office buildings and other commercial property investment returns, overseas investors are now seeking to enter the British real estate market opportunities. According to the British local media reported yesterday, Vanke (000002.SZ, 2202.HK) recently to 115 million pounds (about 1 billion 20 million yuan) of the price to buy the British office buildings, property area of about 6671 square meters, the annual rental rate of return of about 4.3%. Vanke buy office from the United Kingdom after the referendum is a local real estate fund to sell the property. The uncertainty caused by the European Union led to many investors have called for the redemption of fund shares, real estate funds have to sell commercial real estate to raise enough funds to meet the needs of investors redemption. The industry is estimated to have 5 billion pounds of real estate projects will return to the market. Vanke this acquisition project is also from the United Kingdom相关的主题文章: