The number of Philippines traders antivirus Philippine President finger called: F*** you- Sohu news according to foreign media reports, the European Parliament recently launched the bill, urged the Philippines human rights experts to investigate President Duthel Te immediately involved in the anti drug campaign. In September 20th, Duthel Te issued a statement to local government officials in his hometown of Davao City, refute the accusation of the high-profile the Biao "F" letter words and middle finger. Duthel Te Biao swearing in speech, and middle finger. According to the Philippines GMA website reported, Duthel Te said in his speech, I have read the EU condemnation of me, I tell them – ‘F*** you!’ you do this is to make up for your sins. You just because of guilt to me made a solemn statement. All the people who died in the anti drug movement were on my head? More than 1000 people? Think of who they are? Is it a criminal? You call this genocide? How many people have they killed?" Duthel Te rebuked the EU as a hypocrite, he pointed out that some EU countries invaded his country in the past, but now accusing him of disregard of human rights. Du Ritter let you go to check the encyclopedia, know European countries had done what, for example, English law is how to kill Arab powers. Duthel Te then extended his middle finger and said, "now the EU has condemned me, I repeat, F*** you!" the audience laughed and applauded. Duthel Te finger audience reaction Duthel Te 18 in Davao City Press Conference on before the election to the people of Philippines to the office to end the drug problem "within half a year commitment, publicly admitted not reached, hope that people give him half the time. "Tens of thousands of people are doing drugs, including work for the government of the people," said Walter before the election did not expect to have so many drug traffickers, "although I really want to, but too many people, I can’t kill them all". Philippine media reported that Duthel Te recently due to rude response to the outside world war on drug resistance against him, often boarded the headlines. The United Nations and the United States are due to criticism of its drug policy by Duthel Te’s return and abuse. In August 18th, the United Nations criticized Philippines’s "war on drugs" caused hundreds of violent death, Philippines’s president Duthel Te responded that he is likely to withdraw from the United Nations, and invited China and other countries to set up a new "United nations". Obama said before the meeting is Walter will mention human rights campaign in the Philippines, Tuttle September 5th accused Obama of intent interference, and called Obama "bitch" (son of Whore), "I am a sovereign state president, we are not who colony. No one is my master except the people of Philippines. No one." (compiled observer Network Ma Xue)相关的主题文章: