Escape from the city to rural tourism to fish – Sohu Xindu juntun town of city is going to those things looked around, here are all tall steel building, depressing, but helpless. Everywhere " bow family, playing with his cell phone, as if the world has 10 Fen relations with his wood. Even the children also have a crush on "life", because iPad is their best playmate "". Go and look deep city routine boundless Rural paddy field at the moment is so beautiful. Everywhere do not call on the name of the flowers, everything is so fresh. Here the bursts of fragrance, in this fascinating gladdening the heart and refreshing the mind. Here the floral fragrance, can not help but want to pick a home. From the city to the countryside, stride forward, determined to do a fishing daren". We learn a phrase in juntun, called "fish in troubled waters". Whether it is fishing, or fishing, as long as happy as well. Adults and children hand in hand, the parents of the child is the best gift. All the hard work is worth it, let us enjoy the joy of harvest, in this autumn! The harvest show 1 harvest 2 TIPS show that lively, where ah? Open Baidu map APP, search for "juntun town of Xindu District Huaqing family farm", car navigation with go. The first group to go fishing, to call the boss calls zhuang. How is the TIPS price of fish? Fish varieties are grass carp, carp, bare spots, yellow yellow spicy spicy D, 25 yuan a catty, others are 15 yuan catty calculation. The price is still very high price! Note TIPS fish fish is a happy thing, focusing on the process of enjoying. I prepare a change of clothes and toiletries; you must remember the prepared toilet water repellent, sunscreen, band aid and so on; you keep a normal heart, not rash, should enjoy the process of fish; * children must experience together, accompanied by their parents, can enhance each other’s feelings, but also security; people pay attention to protect the environment and health, must not be discarded water bottles and plastic bags and other garbage. Xindu District of the juntun town traffic advantage is obvious, but more than 30 kilometers away from Chengdu, where the ecological environment is good, Daoxiang fish beauty, especially for family weekend driving. Is a fishing game, promote feelings and understanding between parents and children from iPad, healthy life! Pine pot相关的主题文章: