UnCategorized In this era, when time is at a premium and target audiences face enough distractions from the visual and print media, it is be.ing difficult for marketers to hold interest of their customers. Consequently, despite spending a lot of money on expensive visual advertising, they are finding that the impact with regard to brand recall is not as per their expectations. There is a huge clutter of advertisements on television as well as on the internet now and this has prompted marketers to switch to a more personalised form of marketing through email marketing services. This move is in consonance with the rapid proliferation of the internet and with personal .puters as well as mobile phones be.ing must buys for many consumers, the potential of reaching out to both target and the general populace through email marketing is indeed immense. As opposed to pretty generic advertising that is prevalent on cable television and on the internet, email marketing can be customised such that it appeals to the individual. So what is so special about this new form of marketing? This is an unobtrusive kind of direct marketing wherein both potential as well as existing customers are subtly reminded about the benefits, special offers and other elements related to a particular brand, product or service. It has emerged as a viable alternative to telemarketing and other forms of direct marketing like flyers or mailers simply because the customers in this case are not disturbed and can read the messages at their leisure. The irritation of having to deal with reams of direct mailers is therefore effectively done away with and what’s more, this form of marketing is much cheaper as well as swift. You no longer have to rely upon the post or courier services to deliver your mailers and wait in anticipation for a response or call up the customers for their feedback. Very often, this by itself is pretty irritating and disturbing to customers and has been highlighted by customers in various surveys that have been conducted. Email marketing budgets have been increasing with every passing year and as more and more .panies are recognising the benefits, those offering such email marketing services are having their hands full meeting demands of customers. As mentioned above, this service can be used to remind customers about a brand or product or even inform him about discount offers. Interested customers would then respond at their convenience. It can also be used to request customers to try out a new product and provide feedback or visit a particular site from where purchases can be done through the e.merce route. The possibilities are therefore many and varied. From the marketers point of view, email marketing services is a very viable tool as it helps them to reach out to a huge customer base at very low cost and they would be able to justify the return on investment made with even a very low level of actual sales conversions. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: