Eleven telephone harassment struck Guangdong Shandong three Beijing science and technology Sohu – first Texun November 15th news: once a year the double eleven in driving China’s hand chop party have strong purchasing power, sales far exceeded the level of the year. However, with the continuous rise in sales of eleven double, harassing phone calls also hit a record high. According to data released recently 360 Internet Security Center shows that on November 11th, the 360 day mobile phone guards to intercept telephone harassment reached 180 million times, including Guangdong, Beijing, Shandong three first interception. During the two eleven harassing phone calls throughout the country, but there are more obvious regional differences. Provinces and cities, accounting for the largest proportion of Guangdong, accounting for 20.7% of the total number of interception, followed by Beijing, 9.8%, and Shandong, the number of 7.5%. Three people have been the focus of harassing phone calls care, coupled with the Henan ranked No. 6.2% in Jiangsu, ranked fifth in the province of, accounting for the proportion of the total of five provinces and cities have been half of the overall number of interception. Figure 1:2016 double eleven harassing phone geographical distribution during the two years from the past 09 years has gone through the past 8 years, every year, while the global consumer shopping spree, but also the criminals of the business season". Hundreds of millions of harassing phone calls, accounting for up to a wide variety of advertising and marketing, followed by fraud calls. As can be seen, behind the fiery eleven, but also hidden in the face of a large number of consumer personal information leakage problem. Information disclosure has become a great threat facing the present society, the interests behind the driver also makes more and more people join the reselling of privacy information, and thus the formation of a black chain. Criminals to steal information and illegally reselling over, and then use the information outgoing calls do, what is more directly with the telecommunications fraud, personal privacy information has been the sale of goods in the supply chain. Fraud Gang through the sale of personal information, increasingly showing targeted behavior, scams also include financial fraud, identity fraud, illegal business for posing as fraud, false winning fraud and other forms, in the face of complex telecommunications fraud environment, the majority of the public in addition to the need to improve security awareness, but also help to identify and prevent various types of harassment and fraud by telephone 360 mobile phone guards and other security management software. 360 Mobile Phone Guardian on telephone fraud mark function, when the number of markers accumulated to a certain number, it will be the entry of telephone fraud blacklist, other users after receiving the telephone fraud, you can identify the number and intercept. Due to the use of 360 mobile guards simple and convenient, and can automatically identify and intercept telephone fraud, early access to a large number of users of all ages. Up to now, there are 900 million users choose to install the 360 mobile guards. [network] [source: Chinese] commissioning editor: Zhang Yanping相关的主题文章: