The formation of Shanxi electric power trading platform years direct trading power in Shanxi will exceed 30% years directly set up the power trading platform trading power will exceed 30% in September 20th in Taiyuan Xinhua News (reporter Liang Xiaofei) Shanxi Electric Power Co. Ltd., before trading center was formally established, is expected to Shanxi electric power direct trading volume accounted for more than 30% years, promote the formation of a new pattern in the power market of Shanxi. The newly established Shanxi Power Trading Center Co. Ltd according to the shareholding system formed, diversified ownership structure, including power generation, transmission, electricity market, is an important starting point for the expansion of Shanxi Shanxi electric delivery and direct power transaction. The general manager of the State Grid Shanxi electric power company Liu Hongxin said, Shanxi Electric Power Trading Center Co., the company will actively promote the construction of Shanxi province electricity market mechanism, improve the electricity trading platform, to enhance the province electricity transaction size and frequency, cooperate with the Shanxi electric delivery transactions, coordinated operation and strong and other domestic trading institutions, jointly safeguard energy resources a wide range of optimization configuration and information interoperability, maintain the market order and the legitimate interests of market players. Shanxi is China’s important energy base, as of the end of June this year, Shanxi’s total installed capacity of 72 million 189 thousand kilowatts, ranking eighth in the country. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: