Eight elderly people were sent to the nursing home helpless helpless prosecution of the children of four – Sohu news comic cattle filial piety parents, is the traditional virtue of the Chinese nation. The plaintiff is Yang, the defendant is a family of four Yang, we call them first and second, third and fourth. Yang, 88 years old, living in an old town apartment. The lawsuit is due to the cost of children in nursing homes. The court upon the receipt of the case, just as the general support cases to deal with, but in the service period, the respondent notice and other related procedures and the investigation they found that this case is very special, different from the general maintenance case. This case is caused by the contradiction between the children, and ultimately lead to innocent people no one to support. The second child in the absence and other three brothers and sisters to discuss the case, the old man will be sent to the nursing home. More than half of the time, regardless of whether not to pay pension costs, three siblings in that the old man was sent to the nursing home, the elderly are indifferent in nursing home costs. Thus, the court in an apartment for the elderly, the public hearing the case from the support of the dispute, and the whole recording and video. The entire trial activities, not between the plaintiff and the defendant’s glare, no defense debate among people, there is only the presiding judge of law education and persuasion, Daniel, move the Ming dynasty. After that, the four defendants repent, recognize their own the doings is a kind of irresponsible for the elderly is a great disservice and unfilial, said to caring for the elderly, then treat the elderly, set an example for the children. After the trial, the four defendants to actively settle the expenses owed, and the elderly to take home.相关的主题文章: