Dutch analysis: flat compensate high open Helen at the continuation of the strong – Sohu Eredivisie: Rotterdam VS Danijel Sidaba SMG serial number: Friday 013 game time: November 5, 2016 03:00 asian handicap: 0.88 by a hemisphere 1.02 tournament interpretation: Eredivisie League twelfth round matinee events, Sparta Rotterdam home court against Danijel, the overall condition is good, the last 9 games lost only 2 games, a home court in Holland out of the cup eindhoven. Danijel the last 10 games 7 wins, 3 unbeaten, the last round of League trip to face leaders Feyenoord does not strive, in the first half 1-2 behind the case, the second half tenacious tie to get 1 points. Analysis of the game ball handicap: think tank refers to open deuce plate, the market outlook rise for guest Let flat half high water, Europe refers to the guest the odds of market outlook are also significantly reduced, and the flat cost 3.50 higher, the game draw up little chance, considering the state of hot, the war turned into the guest. SMG football recommended: 0 asian handicap recommendation: Danijel相关的主题文章: